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Lamson Pneumatic Tubes

Makers plate on the foot-operated terminal of the system at the Arbery, Wantage. The factory was moved to Willesden Junction in 1911 and the Pneumatic Tube Company was merged with the Store Service Company in 1937.

Advertisement in Drapers Record

Advertisement in the Drapers Record, 15 September 1900, p.674. The caption to the picture on the left reads "First floor cash desk serving 40 departments on three floors". The one on the right is "Department station giving communication to and from cashier or counting house in six seconds".

For systems of moderate size a gravity desk was employed in the cash office. For larger systems a belt desk was used where the containers dropped onto a belt and were carried to the cashier.

A quotation from the Lamson Engineering Co. Ltd. of 1952 for Walter Cobb Ltd. of Sydenham gives some interesting details and prices. The existing system of 9 stations was to be extended to 12 with 4 resited, and to incorporate a new Lamson Power Plant consisting of a 1005 three-stage Turbine with 6 HP motor capable of handling a further 4 stations. The central Gravity type desk would be on the second floor. The annual rental price would be £17.17.00 per station for a new 10-year agreement. A later quotation of May 1953 was for 14 stations in total with a 7.5 HP motor and cash desk equipped with Mark V control. The cost to supply and carry out additions and alterations was £1750 or 10 years leasing at £19.19.00 per station.

Other quotations are described under McArees, Weiss and Simpkin & James. The Weiss quotations both specify four carriers per station while Simpkin & James (grocers) specifies five. The steel tubes are 2¼ inch O.D. 20 B.W.G. The rental price includes maintenance by Lamsons.