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Muggleton's store and restaurant, Hahndorf, South Australia

Modern system constructed by Vivian Rush of Netley, SA, who kindly provided these photographs and captions

The station at the front of Muggleton's over the counter. This is in the gifts and home accessories area.

This is the junction of the two lines: one to the kitchen and the other to the front of the store.

This is a view of how I fitted the junction at the central bar to the ceiling. The ceiling being on 30 degrees necessitated truncated tubes mounted to the ceiling and then the fancy rosettes were mounted to these tubes.

Every piece is either brass or bronze, polished then lacquered.

Another view of the junction, which is over the bar or serving section. The right-hand car goes to the kitchen (8 metres) and the left-hand to the front (10 metres).

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