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Crich Tramway Museum, Derbyshire

Part of the Lamson Ariel system from Hindleys, Atherton, has been installed in the sweet shop at the Tramway Village. Lamson renamed Gipe's system when they took over the company.

Ariel car and propulsion inside the shop. This is a "curve car" with a short wheelbase so that it could travel round curves. Note there are two wires, one attached to the top lever of the propulsion and one to the bottom. The levers have been tied together to prevent visitors trying to operate it. The system was not being operated when I visited in August 2019.

Close-up of the propulsion. On the lower lever is embossed "The Lamson Ariel".

Close-up of the car.

The track runs round two sides of the shop with this curve at the corner.