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Locations - English Midlands

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OAKHAM, Rutland. Allens (drapers). Cash carrier. H.Boynton

OAKHAM, Rutland. G.George, High Street. "A shop which has become an Oakham institution is shortly to close after almost 100 years' service to the town - but the business which has been known as George's since 1911 has, in fact, been a draper's shop for much longer. The building, in Oakham High Street, was once a post office... The overhead cash carrier, originally leased in 1945 from the resoundingly-named British Cash and Parcel Conveyors Limited, was eventually bought by the Schofields in 1969 for just £3. Remarkably, it is still in working order and capable of whizzing cash and receipts, and returning change, to and from the tiny office at the back of the shop, although it is not used now." Rutland Times, 20 Mar. 1998, p. 5 (with photograph)
Gipe system with one line in 1980. The shop closed in the late 1990s. When Lamsons stopped leasing systems, the shop bought it for a nominal sum (J. Liffen). Now in Rutland Museum but not on show. Shop is now Book World. (H.Boynton)

OSWESTRY, Salop. Bradleys. Cash carrier. Anne Price Tanner in posting to Facebook, 8 Mar. 2021

OSWESTRY, Salop. Co-op. Cash carrier. Anne Price Tanner in posting to Facebook, 8 Mar. 2021

OSWESTRY, Salop. Robert Lloyd, Glasgow House. "Mr Robert Lloyd has brought into use in his extensive premises at Glasgow House, a transatlantic novelty in the form of an elevated automatic railway... The systems in use at Glasgow House are two in number, and they have so far only been applied to the ground floor. One is known as the ball system, and the other as the rapid wire system, and both inventions are leased from the Lamson Store Service Company... The rapid wire system is, we believe, capable of .. communication between upper floors and a ground floor, but it has not yet been brought into use at Glasgow House. A device of Mr Lloyd's own - acting on somewhat similarlines, but not automatically - is, however, in use to overcome this difficulty. The system is a novelty in Oswestry... In an establishment in which from thirty to fifty hands are engaged at times, it is obviously of great value in the economy of time." Oswestry Advertiser, 13 Mar. 1889, p. 7

SHREWSBURY, Salop. Morris (bakery/grocers). Wire system in 1930s-50s. M. Goodall

WELLINGTON, Salop. McClures (outfitters and drapers), Duke Street.. Overhead wire system. Wellington News Online. Photograph from mid-1950s showing several Rapid Wire propulsions in John Powell and Michael A.Vanns. North Telford: Wellington, Oakengates and surrounding areas (Stroud: Chalford, 1995). Facsimile of shop at Blists Hill Museum


starHEREFORDSHIRE. Museum on the Move. "Send the money on a journey along the cash railway in our Victorian shop." Herefordshire Museums website


star indicates systems which are still there (as far as I know) though they may not be working.