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Modern Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic tube systems are still used in some supermarkets to carry cash in bulk from the tills to the cash office. This means that only a limited amount of cash is retained near to the exit: the rest is carried securely to a safer location. Only one tube is used and empty carriers are returned to the tills manually.

The tube is made of UPVC and the carrier is also plastic.


Lamson terminal at Wilkinsons


A terminal of a DD Lamson system at Wilkinson's store in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. There are 164 Wilkinson's stores throughout the UK and over 100 of them have Lamson tube systems. The first was at Ashton-under-Lyne in 1992. (Lamson website)

The photograph shows the carrier (known as a "pod") being inserted into the terminal. The cap must be at the bottom or it may come open in transit. The terminal also incorporates an intercom system. When the carrier is in transit the middle red light shows.

Close-up of the pod

Tube installation at Asda

Pneumatic tube installation at the checkouts in an Asda supermarket.
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