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Pneumatic Tubes - carriers

The range of carriers for cash systems (Lamson Brochure Q-2, ca. 1912)


Pneumatic tube carrier

Close-up of a carrier, half open. They were opened or closed by twisting one end relative to the other. This one is 4.5 inches long and is stamped "LAMSON PATENT." and "BCM/LAMSON". Author's collection

Plastic 'pod' from a modern DD Lamson cash system (at Wilkinsons, Burgess Hill)

From Lamson brochure, 1952.


An article in the Belfast Telegraph, 29 Mar. 1926, p. 10, mentions a "large store" where a red band was used to distinguish carriers destined for the credit department.

Instructions on the use of carriers from Hibbards, Colorado Springs. Carriers were used to carry cash and also details of credit transactions (before the days of credit cards!). These needed to be easily distinguished when they arrived in the cash office and would be dealt with by different staff in a large store.

The carriers needed to be a good fit in the tube for efficient operation. This card allowed for testing the felt ends and also gives a list of spare parts. "Separator carriers" were to allow automatic separation of cash and credit authorisation carriers.

Replacement "accelerator discs" for ensuring an air-tight seal in the tubes (and so quicker running).

Carrier with an accelerator disc fitted

A not-very-clear picture from an advertisement for Tec-Felt brand industrial felts made by Felt & Textiles of Australia. It includes specially hard products for .. 'Cash Railway Carrier Ends' (presumably pneumatic tube carriers). Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Jul. 1954, p. 10