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Locations - Northumberland




BERWICK. Dunlops, Marygate. "One of those wonderful compressed air operated cash systems." (The North-Eastener Issue 20, Autumn 1999)

BLYTH. Woodcocks. Wire system in 1960s. (Maureen Boscoe)

HEATON. J.T. Parrish, Shields Road. "Magnificent building to open on Friday ... Cash-tubes run from every counter to the counting house, 4,000 feet of solid drawn brass tubes having been installed for this purpose. The cash carriers will travel at 20 miles an hour, and the length of time spent in transferring money from the counter to the cash office will vary from 3 to 10 seconds." Shields Daily News, 29 Mar. 1922, p. 2

HEXHAM. Robbs, Fore Street. "So he [William Robb] acquired property connecting Fore Street and Back Street and built a large, modern store with its own electricity supply and pneumatic cash system." Hexham Courant 16/7/04

HEXHAM. F. Robinson & Sons (department store), Fore Street. Pneumatic tube system. Hexham Courant 4 October, 2002. Length of Rapid wiring and fittings in Northumberland Record Office, NRO730/13

MORPETH. J.Smail & Sons (furnishings and general ironmongers), Bridge Street. "During the 1950s... The note would be placed in the cash carrier along with the purchase details, and I would watch with glee as a rope was pulled to launch the monorail-like brass container along the wires which hung below the ceiling and led to the cashier's office. the 'hutch' - as it was called by the Smail family - sat on a raised platform at the rear, but with a window looking out onto the shop floor. After a minute or two the container would come whizzing back carrying the change... The Lanson [sic] cash carrier has made way for a more modern till system and the hutch has gone. " Northumbrian, June/July 2008, p.41 (with photographs of the shop now).

NEWCASTLE. Bainbridges, 29-37 Market Street. "Ariel Messengers" pneumatic tube system. (A. & J. Airey).
"It is our painful duty to record the death of Mr Emerson Muscahamp Bainbridge, founder, and for many years head of the firm of Messrs Bainbridge and Company... The latest improvements introduced at the Newcastle establishment include two systems of cash railways." (Newcastle Weekly Courant, 27 Feb. 1892)
"The visitor is also invited to see the general offices, with their admirable system of pneumatic cash tubes all converging on a central station, where the cash is received from various departments and the change sent back." (Eye witness's account dated 26 Oct. 1895, reprinted in Bainbridge & Co. Ltd. 1838-1976: the chronicle for Bainbridge)
Joined John Lewis partnership in 1953. "Gas engine powered pneumatic cash tubes" (John Lewis website). Business moved to a new shop in Eldon Square, October 1977.

NEWCASTLE. Dene Motor [Cycle?] Co., Haymarket. "I worked as a cashier at the Dene Motor Co., Haymarket, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the Lamson cash ball system was in operation there until the shop closed, about 1972. The system was then dismantled and donated to the Beamish Open Air Museum. (Daily Mirror, 5 Aug. 1977, p.20)

NEWCASTLE. Farnhams. Pneumatic tube system. (Beamish Museum)

NEWCASTLE. Fenwicks, Northumberland Street. "A statistics dissecting machine was linked to the pneumatic tube system installed in all departments except quick-sales on the ground floor; those were dealt with by decentralized cash units." (Pound, Reginald. The Fenwick Story. Newcastle: Fenwick, 1972)

NEWCASTLE. Freeman Hardy & Willis. "Many customers who need only 1p change will not wait for it to come back from the cashiers on the Lamson tube. We have collected these odd pence - and here's £11 for your Appeal." Daily Mirror, 7 Jan. 1976, p.20

NEWCASTLE. J.T. Parrish, Shields Road, Byker. Store opened in 1921. "Apparently J T Parrish closed in 1984. I have dim memories of it from the 1960s. It had this Heath Robinson contraption, whereby the assistant would place an old-fashioned receipt or whatever (much larger than they are nowadays) into a metal canister, put a lid on it,  then place the canister beneath an overhead system of tubes. The canister would be sucked into the opening in the tube and be whisked off to another department." World of Coins Forum

NEWCASTLE. "Shop at the top of Northumberland Street". Cash Ball system. (Beamish Museum) Possibly Graftons?

NEWCASTLE. Henry Walker & Son, 55 Westgate Road. "Walker & Son were Hardware manufacturers and inventors of the pneumatic cash transit system used extensively in early department stores." (Newcastle Arts Centre website)

NORTH SHIELDS. Atkinsons, Bedford Street. Wire system. "As you watched you could see the lady take your money out and then you tries to guess which returning container held your change." (North Shields Library Club website)

NORTH SHIELDS. Co-op, Bedford Street. Wire system. (Liz Kelly)

NORTH SHIELDS. Hill Carters (dept. store). Pneumatic tubes. (North Shields Library Club website)

WALLSEND. Wallsend Industrial Co-operative Society, corner of High Street and Carville Road. "Assistants at the Co-op did not use cash registers. Instead, a system of overhead wires and canisters carried money to and from the cashier's office. Jean and Ken Smith. Wallsend reflections (Newcastle: Tyne Bridge, 2005) p.44. Photograph of exterior on p.43.

WHITLEY BAY. Ryles. "Lady cashier wanted with experience in cash tube work. Apply Ryle Ltd., 84 Park View, Whitley Bay." Shields Daily News, 6 July 1949, p. 10