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North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish

Co-op shop exterior

The system is in a reconstructed Coop shop. The left side is the drapery department and the right side is the hardware department. The cash office is in the middle, behind the stairs.

Cash ball opened

The cash and "divvy" ticket are placed in the ball.

Cash ball being raised in lift

The ball is raised in the lift by Dorothy Carlyon, the senior demonstrator.

Close-up of lift

Close-up of the lift, showing the flaps that hold the ball in place.

Storage rails in cash office

The receiving station in the cash office with storage rails and two lifts for despatch of change.

Receiving station with balls and restraining sock

Receiving station at the counter. The balls are solid replicas which are better able to stand up to the constant use.

Ball taking branch line

A "switch" (i.e. point in British terminology) on the upper set of rails. The larger-size ball which hits the pin and is diverted along the curved branch. A smaller ball would continue straight on.

Ball on ramp for intermediate station

At the intermediate station in the drapery department, the larger ball operates a trigger and drops down the ramp to the sales point.

Y junction

"Trailing" Y junction where the two incoming sections approach the cash office. This did not require a switch mechanism. (Image courtesy of David Holt.)