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CHILWELL. Long Eaton Co-operative Society, junction of Chilwell Road and Park Road. Shop opened in 1897. Wire system.  "I remember two wires and a straight-down pull from a 'propulsion'... I do remember curves being in use, and round cups which screwed in to the trolleys... I also remember the cups being rather plain, and metal, not wood. No clips under the cups either." Ed Grummitt

MANSFIELD. Mansfield and Sutton Co-operative Society, Stockwell-gate. "Each floor is fitted with a pneumatic cash tube system by means of which all cash is carried to the central cash office on the first floor. Provision for cleaning by means of vacuum cleaners is made on each floor and is worked by the same appliance which operates the cash system." Mansfield Reporter, 4 Aug. 1922, p. 3
• "Here I was fascinated to see the assistant place the money and a paper slip into a wee tube and twist it shut. Then a flap was lifted and the tube popped in and the flap sprang shut. There followed a slight hissing and a bumping noise as the tube passed along the piping of the shop. After a brief interval there would be a bumping noise again and 'bump', out came the tube into a tray containing both change and receipt." R.Goodall

MANSFIELD. Small outfitters on Church Street, between Market Place and railway viaduct. "Here the assistant placed both the cash and the slip in a tube, screwed it to a hanger on a wire, then pulled a lever and the thing whizzed up the wire to a cashier in a glass windowed box at the rear corner of the shop." R.Goodall

MANSFIELD. P.A. Woods, Westgate. "My mum and dad worked at PA Woods department store on Westgate which used the compressed air tube system for payment. My dad worked in the shop and sometimes I was allowed to put the canister with money in the pipe to be “sucked up” to the cash office upstairs. My mum’s office was next door to the cash office and I remember hearing the noise of the canisters going along the pipes. It was fun to guess which pipe they would come out of and the office staff rushing to put the change in and send it back again. There were a row of pipes from different departments... The shop closed when I was about 8 years old I think." Catherine Clay (Taylor) in posting to Our Mansfield & Area website, 9/6/22

NEWARK. Woolworths. "Woolworths in Newark had them [cash carriers] many years ago." Tony Marriott in posting to Facebook

NOTTINGHAM. Boots, Pelham Street. Cash carrier. Saga radio website

NOTTINGHAM. "Big" Co-op. Pneumatic tube system. "It went with such a whoosh, it fascinated me as a little kid. It went upstairs to the accounts dept. Back it would come with your receipt and change. No chance of the sales assistants pinching money in those days!" "Arizonakid" posting to Daily Mail chat, 17 Jul. 2005

NOTTINGHAM. Cravens Thrift Store, Goosegate. "Cravens Thrift Store on Goosegate had a 'Cash Railway' system too." MikeThe Trustee on Twitter, 22 Jun. 2014

NOTTINGHAM. James, Carrington Street. "Amongst the new features of the store may be noted .. an ingenious system of pneumatic cash tubes, running from various points on each storey, to the cashier's apartment in the basement." Nottingham Evening Post, 19 Oct. 1912, p. 5

NOTTINGHAM. Pearson Bros., Long Row. "The Sturtevant cash-tube system, operated by a turbine-blower, conveys the cash to one central receiving station." Nottingham Evening Post, 5 May 1931, p. 5
• "Sturtevant pneumatic cash-tube installation, comprising 20 sales stations, 400v. D.C. motor and exhauster and a large quantity of tubing suitable for re-installation or use as spares." Ibid. 31 Mar. 1958, p. 3

NOTTINGHAM. Roughtons. Pneumatic tube system. "Arizonakid" - see above.

NOTTINGHAM. Staddons (dept. store). "Money on wires system." 'FourofFive' posting to Whirligig message board, 2/7/05

NOTTINGHAM. Star Stores, Parliament Street. "Internal telephones and a complete system of cash tubes add to the efficiency of .. the most up-to-date stores in Nottingham." Beeston Gazette, 7 Dec. 1929, p. 7

RETFORD. Co-op. "Opening of new premises... The contractors are as under: .. cash carriers, Lamson Pneumatic Tube Co., Ltd., London." Retford and Worksop Herald, 2 Jul. 1929, p 3

SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD. Co-op, Outram Street. Wire system. I remember Sutton-in-Ashfield website

WARSOP. Co-op, Sherwood St. Now the council office. "Everything was fetched for you item at a time. Then your bill and money was placed in a wire basket high behind the counter, the assistant pulled a chain (like a toilet chain!) and the basket shot on a wire across the ceiling to the cash office. A minute or so later and your change came back the opposite way! I thought that it was magic." Digger in posting to Warsopweb, 7/11/06

WORKSOP. Collards. "Miscellaneous sales... Cash railway, good condition." Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 25 Jul. 1931, p. 4