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Locations - Cumbria

(The former counties of Cumberland and Westmorland)



Carlisle: Wilson & Son (documents)

Cockermouth: Toy Museum



CARLISLE, Cumb. Binns. Pneumatic tube system. (Mike McCabe).

CARLISLE, Cumb. Liptons, English Street. "When at last one got to the counter, the system of paying was still the time-consuming, pre-1914 method of putting the money in cans which whizzed overhead to the central cash desk and then back again with the change wrapped in the bill." David Kynaston. Austerity Britain, 1945-1951 (London: Bloomsbury, 2007), p.531

CARLISLE, Cumb.. Wilson & Son, English Street. Agreement to hire cash railway from Lamsons at $18 per station dated 7 Nov. 1885. Terminated in 1893 when John Wilson died.

MILLOM, Cumb. Co-op, Wellington Street. "[After WW2] Wellington Street was a nice shopping street and I used to go to the Co-op with my grandad and grandma and watch money catapulted from the counter across the shop to the office and then the return journey of our change and divi book." Ian Jardison on Francis Frith website.

PENRITH, Cumb . Co-op, 19 Burrowgate. Two pneumatic tube stations visible in photograph of grocery department. Penrith Co-op Society website

WHITEHAVEN, Cumb. Beehive. "I remember the Beehive from a very early age, being fascinated by the pneumatic cash delivery pipes." Whitehaven on the Web

WORKINGTON, Cumb. Browns (later Mark Taylors). Lamson pneumatic tube system. The vacuum pump etc. were on the upper floor. (Posting to uk.local.cumbria newsgroup, 24/10/99). Vacuum pump had a flywheel about 1 metre in diameter and sat on one end of the office desk. (Posting to uk.rec.subterranea newsgroup, 15/8/02). In use until 1970s. When shop closed around 1992 part of equipment loaned to Toy Museum , Cockermouth (now closed). Rod Moore