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Lamson Company Publications


Some of these items are listed in the OCLC WorldCat with locations only at one or two libraries in the United States, so I have not been able to see them.

Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company. Report of the annual meeting. 1890s

Mechanical messengers. 1900s

Lamson cash carriers. [Brochure printed by H.P.White of 34 New Bridge Street, London E.C.] 12 pages. Picture of cover. This gives Lamson's address as 20 Cheapside, London and telephone number as Bank 44. It probably dates from the early 20th-century as it includes the Ball Cash Carrier and gives a figure of 50,000 stations of Rapid Wire systems in daily use around the world (as in the American brochure B-1, ca 1912). It mentions two singe-wire systems, the "Rapid" and "Challenge" as well as a double-wire system, the "Express" like the Gipe. Also included are the "Velox" package carrier, a foot-powered pneumatic tube system, and the "Perfection" cable system.

Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company. 20 "bulletins". 1912?
A-1 Lamson push-car cash and parcel carriers; B-1 Lamson spring propulsion. Cash and message carriers; C-1 Two-wire - cord propulsion. Cash and message carriers; D The Lamson-Barr cash and message carrier; E The Lamson-Barr spread-wire propulsion parcel carrier; F.1 Two-wire - cord propulsion parcel carriers; G-1 Lamson gravity - single wire parcel carriers. The Majestic type; J-2 Lamson Perfection cable cash carrier system. Type D; P-1 Lamson quick-delivery parcel conveyors: as applied to the modern department store; Q-1 Lamson tubes of the vacuum and vacuo-pressure type: as applied to the modern store service and office requirement; Q-2 Lamson foot power pneumatic tubes; T-1 Lamson tills. J2 says that the perfection of Lamson Service represents over 30 years of specialization which means at least 1912. The name of the company was changed in 1912 so that is probably about the date of publication.

The story of a service idea: a history of the origin and development of Lamson Service. Boston: Lamson Co., 1912. The same book also exists as "The story of a service idea: a history of the origin and development of the American Pneumatic Service Company" and published by that company. However, it deals with the same Lamson equipment. On page 67 it explains that the American Pneumatic Service Company was organized in 1899 and took over the entire stock of the Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company, except a few outstanding shares. Both versions are available online through the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Speeding up modern business: the saving of money by reducing the cost of delays. 1916. Concerned with carriers used in businesses other than shops/stores. There are many types of carrier not known in shops, e.g. belt conveyors, gravity conveyors and "kick-back" carriers.

Better store service: with Lamson Cable Carriers. 1920

Lamson pneumatic tubes for conveying papers and merchandise. 1920. 36 p

Lamson wire line carriers: and how they give better store service in retail stores. (Boston: Lamson Co., ca. 1917). 32 p "The first store service cash carrier was installed by Lamson over thirty-five years ago... Over 100,000 stations are in use." It lists other booklets on Pneumatic Tube Systems, Electric Cable Systems, Belt Conveyors for Parcels and Parcel Delivery Bins as well as industrial carriers and conveyors. See cover. There is an advertisement in Hardware Dealers' Magazine, 1 June 1920, p.1156 which features this cover and says that any of the local offices will be glad to send readers a copy.


Lamson wire line carriers: and how they give better store service in retail stores. (Syracuse NY: Lamson, ca. 1932). 32 p Contains some of the same photographs as the above, but without naming the locations. "The first store service cash carrier was installed by Lamson over fifty years ago... Over 500,000 stations are in use."

The Lamson training manual. 1930-39?

Engineering drawings for conveying machinery ("Pneumatic Tube System") for the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 1938-9

"Lamson sales document from around 1930" on Brass Registers website. Illustrations of:
• Cash room arranged for 250 independent stations
• A glimpse of R.H.White & Co's mammoth store
• Cash room for 17 stations - independent lines
• General view S.S.Pierce Co's store, Boston Mass.
• Cash room for 15 stations, combination system
• A corner of Besse Rolf & Co's store, LNNN, Mass.
• Three station combination system
• Triplicate power plant, capacity 400 independent stations: R.H.White & Co. Boston, Mass.
• Single power plant, capacity 25 independent stations: S.S.Pierce & Co. Boston, Mass.
• A few of our various terminals for 2¼ inch tubes. (Tubes are labeled Meteor Despatch Co. Boston, Mass.)
• Foot powered pneumatics

Airtube: on target with Lamson Airtube systems. (Syracuse, NY: Lamson Corp., 1952). 50 p


Lamson News, No. 40 (Christmas 1965).
• p.26 "An old faithful". Describes the Cash Ball system at Alexander Moons, Galway.
• p.28 "Scandinavia". "Only recently our Agents re-discovered a store in Central Finland which has had a Lamson Tube system since 1903.... A short time ago we took the decision to open a Branch Office in Sweden." [The other systems mentioned are not in shops.]