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Simpkin & James, Market Place, Leicester

Specification from the Lamson Pneumatic Tube Company, 17 March 1923

The specification is for a Pneumatic Despatch Tube Service known as Lamson Independent Power Control Gravity Desk, giving continuous service to and from each out-station and the central desk. The outstations are all located on the ground floor as follows:

Grocery 2
Confectionery and cooked meats 1
Provisions 2
Wine shop (Market Square) 1
Wine shop (back of premises) 1

The central desk is located on the first floor and the desk is to be supplied by Simpkin & James. The system is operated by a Lamson blower and an electric motor. Five carriers are to be provided for each out-station, i.e. 35 in total. All carrier tubes to be of the best quality Fermangised Steel, 2¼ inches O.D., 20 B.W.G. One of the Lamson men is to remain on the premises for two days after completion. Simpkin & James are to do and make good all cuttings through walls, floors, partitions, fixtures, etc.

The charge for the installation is £470, half payable on delivery and half on completion.

Lease from the Lamsons, 6 April 1923

Apparently the shop opted to lease the equipment rather than purchase outright. The lease is for 10 years and thereafter on 2 months' notice before the end of the current year. The annual rental is £10 for each of three stations or more. The lessors are to make all necessary repairs to the system. The lessees have the option of purchasing the system at any time within 12 months of completion for £470 less half the rental paid. Interestingly, the printed lease form was for an Electric cable system (which as far as I know was never installed in Britain) and was amended to "Pneumatic tube system".

Letter from Lamsons, 3 November 1924

Lamson offered to install three additional stations on the ground floor at a rate of £10 per station p.a. The cost of altering the position of the central desk and two stations was estimated as £27/10/-.

These documents are now in the Leicestershire Record Office, reference 5D71/17.