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Push-car carriers

The simplest type of cash and parcel carriers offered by Lamsons in the early 20th century were the "push-car" design. There was no propulsion mechanism and the cars were despatched by hand. The lines would therefore need to be within reach of the operators. These models are described in Lamsons Bulletin A-1 of ca. 1912:

Style 1-A. This was a single-wheel car for moderate length lines. The finish was nickel plate with a hardwood cup.

Style 2-A. Drop-arm cash carrier for lines up to 100 feet.

Style 3-A. "Perfection" push-car cash carrier for lines up to 100 feet. (Rather confusingly, one type of cable carrier was also called Perfection. Lamsons were not modest about their products!)

Style 4-A. Perfection push-car parcel carrier. For lines up to 60 feet. This used 2-wheel cars, finished in nickel plate, and supplied with a solid leather cash box. Baskets were aviable in sizes of 6X18 inches, 8X18 inches and 8X20 inches.

Style 5-A. Little Monarch push-car carrier. For level lines and slight grades. This used a two-wheel car rather similar to Rapid Wire cars.

Style 6-A. Little Monarch push-car parcel carrier.

There was also a low-level basket design.