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Hibbard's, Colorado Springs

The business was founded in 1892 by Cassius Ayers Hibbard and operated for over 100 years to 1996. The five-storey building at 17-19 S. Tejon Street (on the site of the original store and the building next door) opened on 16 December 1914 and was 50 feet wide and 190 feet long. Thirty-two Lamson No. 9 basket carriers ("a modern package carrier system") were installed then. In the early 1920s they were replaced by a pneumatic tube system. The photographs are included by kind permission of the Hibbard family.

Shop window

Exterior of the store at the time of opening


Exterior now

The original basket system

A closer view of the basket system

Close-up of a basket car and propulsion


Close-up of a pneumatic tube terminal


The terminal in its surroundings



An unusual terminal in a rectangular housing


Tube room

The tube room ca 1980 with Robert Hibbard senior

The tube room ca 1990