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Bad Ass Café
9-11 Crown Alley, Dublin

Part of the Rapid Wire system from Clery's department store in O'Connell Street, Dublin, has been reconstructed in the Cafe as an attraction. It was used to carry orders to the bar and kitchen and to entertain customers.

Exterior of Bad Ass Cafe

The Bad Ass Cafe in the popular Temple Bar area of Dublin.

Bar/cash office

There are four Rapid Wire lines leading from different parts of the ground floor to the central bar/cash office.

Propulsions at cash office

The propulsions are in varying states of repair. Several parts have worn out and some have been replaced - e.g. some of the wooden cups are modern reconstructions. In particular, the ends of the cars are worn and do not always engage with the catches on the propulsions.

It is unusual nowadays to see so many propulsions together - most museums have only one or two lines.



A curve on a wire

Three of the lines are straight but the fourth one, which leads to the kitchen area, has a curve. In the photograph a car is on the curve but is lacking its cup. The propulsion at the kitchen has a maker's plate "Lamson Store Service Co. Ltd., 132 Cheapside, London EC".

A new car and "rubbers" made by Vivian Rush of Netley, South Australia. He supplied six new cars to the café.