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Martin & Hill Cable Cash Railway

Notice in Boston Evening Transcript, 4 June 1887, p.5

To Wholesale and Retail Merchants:

A certain Store Service Company, having been defeated in a lawsuit with us, is obliged to take desperate methods to keep its customers from exchanging their systems and to prevent merchants from leasing the Martin & Hill Cable Cash Railway.

It has taken the bold and singular step of advertising that it will sue each and every merchant who uses our system, or any other not licensed by that company, claiming that it has bought and owns all store cash systems.

It does not own and has no claim upon the Martin & Hill Cable Cash Railway, as has been decided by the courts. Brag and bluster may influence the value of its stock, for which we care not, but it cannot establish any claim upon us or our cash railway.

We are original inventors of cash railways, have spent several years in manufacturing and perfecting the system, and have many patents owned by us subject to no claim from any party. We refer you to our late protracted lawsuit and the weighty decision of Judge Colt of the United States Court. No store service company neither substantiate its claim to control us nor to receive tribute from any merchant who choses to use the Martin & Hill Cable Cash Railway.

We are prepared to place our system in any store where a speedy, positive and handsome cash railway is desired. We take the cash from any number of stories in the most complex store to one cashier's desk. We invite inspection and investigation. Our representative will call when desired.


MARTIN & HILL, Florence, Mass.