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Locations - Middlesex



Uxbridge: Randalls



BEDFONT. Edmonds, High Street. "Edmonds also had the cash office up stairs, there was a tube that went to the office from the shop floor with the cash and the change came back down to the shop floor, they did knot keep cash in the shop." Ray Norwood in posting to RMweb 4/12/13

EDGWARE. Stanley J.Lee (drapery emporium). Wire system. "Vicar to Dad's Army: the Frank Williams story". Also Join me in the 1900s website

FELTHAM. Sainsburys. Cash carrier. (Posting to uk.rec.subterranea newsgroup, 8/3/00)

HARROW. Stanley Lee (dept. store). "The money taken whizzed round in little cash carriers, at ceiling height, and brought your change." Harrow East website

HARROW. Sopers (dept. store). Pneumatic tube system. Rev. Robert Bell

HOUNSLOW. Trebles. Church Parade, High Street, next to the junction with Lampton Road. Closed in 1963. "Treble’s was very old-fashioned, even in my day ...  The best thing, though, was the payment system, which used a ‘cash railway’.  The assistant would take your money, it was placed in a little metal container and whizzed away to the cashier via overhead wires; receipt and change returned the same way." Peoplegen website

MILL HILL. A draper's shop. "There was a draper's shop opposite Woolworths, which had a brown, lino floor and the assistant put the money in a cylindrical tube which was attached to an overhead wire. The tube went whizzing across to the cashier, who sent back the receipt and any change in the same way." Mill Hill Preservation Society website

SOUTHALL. Edmonds. "They had the cash tube fly across top of shop to cashier cash .and change came back on wire tube.where money was put in..for customer" Yvonne Butler posting to Southall Message Board, 8/1/14

SOUTHGATE. Evans and Davies. "Evans and Davies had an ingenious system for payment... There was a central cash desk from which radiated overhead wires to the various counters, along which went small, round, screw top wooden containers." R. Mott and B.M.Griffith Williams. A Southgate boyhood. (Edmonton Hundred Historical Society), p. 19

UXBRIDGE. Co-op."The shop assistants would write out the Co-op cheque and add the customer's number. As there were no tills the money was sent up to a cash office via an air-powered Lamson chute. Customers then had to wait for their change to come whizzing across overhead." Yours [magazine], 10-23 Mar 2009.

UXBRIDGE.  Randalls, 7-9 Vine Street. Lamson pneumatic tube system with seven Pneu Art terminals and cash desk. Restored to working order in 2013. I visited on 6 July 2011. Photographs. Shop closed 31 December 2014. Guardian website 30/12/14.
"To the west of this bay is the open cash office, the focal point of the pneumatic tube cash system which still remains in place, although no longer in use." British Listed Buildings website (Grade II listed, October 2008)

UXBRIDGE. Suters. "The 'Lamson' system involved a network of pneumatic tubes running from every department in the store up to the 'Lamson room' referred to by the Middlesex Advertiser in 1937 as the 'Central Cash Railway Station'. According to the 'Advertiser' 40 tubes terminated in the room - Hilda remembers that there were 'a couple of dozen'. Each time a sale was made a copy of the sale invoice plus the payment were rolled up together and placed in a cylinder which was inserted in the end of the tube which terminated behind the counter in the department. A lever was pulled which closed the cap on the end of the tube and released compressed air which pushed the cylinder all the way along the tube up to the Lamson room where it popped out into a tray and was dealt with by Hilda and the other clerks. The Lamson system was 'two way' and the change for the customer would be returned to the department via a 'down' tube." Philip Suter website with photograph of cash office.

WEALDSTONE. Sainsburys. Cash carrier in mid-1950s. (Lynne Tann-Watson)

WEMBLEY. Killips. "The money on wires system I remember was in Killips' store in Wembley - long since gone." (Viv in posting to Whirligig message board, 21/11/04)

star indicates systems which are still there (as far as I know) though they may not be working.