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BOURNEMOUTH. ?Beales, Quadrant. "Had an overhead wire system in some (clothing) departments. There was a large square pillar between the customer counter and the cash office on one of the lines and a hole had been cut through the pillar to allow passage of the trolley." Tony Jervis

BOURNEMOUTH. Bobbys (dept. store), The Square. Pneumatic tube system in 1950s. Brian Hamilton Kelly and memory recorded at Poole Museum.

BOURNEMOUTH. Bright & Colson. "Lucy Norton .. was fined £10 for shoplifting, at the Bournemouth Police-court on Monday. She was charged with stealing six handkerchiefs .. the property of Bright & Colson, Ltd., on August 29th ... While the assistant was taking the money to the cash tube she took the handkerchiefs." Taunton Courier, 10 Sep. 1938, p. 6

POOLE. Bon Marché. Wire system in 1950s. M.Dyke

POOLE. Butlers, Ashley Road, Parkstone. "Alice then found an office job in Butler's department store which later became the Co-op... During her time there she was promoted to cashier. This entailed emptying the metal containers that had travelled round the shop on overhead wires, counting the money and sending back any change... This was a great responsibility for a 15-year-old girl." Our working lives website.
• Wire system in 1950s. M. Dyke and "A history of Upper Parkstone"

WEYMOUTH. Northovers (groceries and provisions), 54 St Thomas Street. "Northovers .. went self-service in 1967. Prior to this, the old-fashioned shop .. had a wonderful system of conveying the customer's payment to the cashier at the rear of the shop via a system of pulleys and cables." Photo shows a Rapid Wire system. Attwooll, Maureen. Weymouth: more golden years. Tiverton: Dorset Books, 2002. p.8