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The first cash railway was at Edwards and Chapman in Brisbane, November 1888 and the first outside the capital ws claimed to be at Alexander and Munro in Toowoomba in 1891. The first in North Queensland was Drummond & Co., Charters Towers in June 1892. The first pneumatic tube system in Brisbane (and perhaps Queensland) was T.C. Beirne in 1904.

ARATULA. L.M. Bakers. "Office equipment... 3 station cash railway. £15. Apply L.M.Baker, Aratula." Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 9 Jan. 1954, p. 16

BADU. Queensland Government Communal Native Store. "To hear the the whirr of the 'cash railway' .. while outside the surf beats on the coral strand fringed by stately coconut palms, is a curious experience." The Herald (Melbourne), 6 Oct. 1934, p. 34

BOWEN. John Blane & Sons (general merchants). "The plant must also be sacrificed, consisting of .. Cash Railway." Bowen Independent, 27 Mar. 1926, p. 7

BRISBANE. A.C.B. Ladies' Drapers, The Valley.(Proprietor A.C.Byerley.) "We feel that a thorough test has been given [to] the Nickel Rapid Wire system installed by your Firm [sc. The Star Store Service Co.] in our store, particularly when taking into consideration the long distance of several stations and the steep grade re same... We find that one Cashier can handle more sales, or dockets, than one Cashier with the Cash Tube system which we were previously used to." Cobb & Co. A retrospect of coaching in Australia (1925). p. 1

BRISBANE. Allan and Starks dept. store, Queen Street. "Cash railway is being introduced." Brisbane Courier, 25 Jun. 1895, p. 1
• "The Cable Cash Railway, also operated by electricity, is an object of interest to young and old." Brisbane Courier, 17 Dec. 1906, p. 1
"The freehold property and plant account also includes a complete system of .. pneumatic cash tubes." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 15 Sep. 1927, p. 9
• Cash carrier still operating in late 1960s. Bub

BRISBANE. Barry and Roberts Pty. , Queen Street. "We were humming .. to the accompaniment of .. the hum of Cash Railways." Brisbane Courier, 19 Jan. 1933, p. 1

BRISBANE. Bayard & Co., Melbourne/Grey Streets. "All the most modern improvements - a complete system of ball cash railways .. - have been installed." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 9 Jan. 1903, p. 2
• (Moved to Queen Street in 1939.) "Bayards require an experienced female cashier for cash desk (tube system)." Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 30 Dec. 1954, p. 9

BRISBANE. Becker's, 67 Queen Street, opp. Town Hall. "Cash railways, two stations. For sale, splendid condition." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 22 Jun. 1922, p. 9

BRISBANE. T.C.Beirne (dept. store), 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. "Cash railways have been erected all over the premises." Toowoomba Chronicle, 16 Sep. 1897, p. 3
• "We have pleasure in announcing to our many customers and friends that we have secured a complete equipment of this best of all cash systems for the whole of our premises, with the central operating room, or cash desk, located in the counting room, on the first floor of our new building, from which radiate the tubes to all parts of our premises. We are the first firm in all Queensland to adopt this most modern system of handling cash and messages, and have pleasure in extending a cordial invitation to our many friends and wellwishers to call and inspect the working of this system for themselves." Brisbane Courier, 8 Jun. 1904, p.1
• "A novel arrangement of pneumatic tubes, through which cartridges are driven, is really the essence of the system recently installed by Mr. T.C.Beirne in his big Valley warehouse, but the system contains many points of interest. A 'Queenslander' reporter found his way to the Valley the other day, in company with two members of the Ipswich firm of Cribb and Foote, and with Mr. Potier, of Messrs. Potier Bros., Queensland representatives of the Lamson Store Service Company of London, otherwise known as the Pneumatic Tube Company. Upstairs on the second floor of the establishment, in a small corner, the tubes have their outlet, curving like the brass top of a fireman's helmet. In front of the tubes were two girls receiving, opening, and despatching the two classes of brass, felt-rimmed cartridges for cash or entry. Three tubes are used for two different counters: one tube brings up the cash from both counters, while the other two serve the cash desk. In the words of a scientific bystander, "It is a shifting current system of pneumatic tubes — a complete circuit of suction," which is summed up in the information that the cartridges move at the rate of 30ft. a second. While the visitors watched, a trial was made of the No. 1 counter, furthest from the receiving desk. A cartridge was sucked from the cashdesk, disappeared, and in ten and a-half seconds it reappeared. Formerly, when there was some doubt as to whether a customer had an account with the firm, search had to be made. Now, the query is quietly sucked up the tube, and often before the parcels are tied up the reply has dropped back. In case a cartridge gets blocked, the current in the tube is shut off, and then, by means of an indiarubber tube, the current is reversed and the cartridge comes back. The speed upstairs was tested both with empty cartridges and with one containing money. One of the empty cartridges took over a minute to return, the next about twenty seconds, and the one with money about thirty seconds. One of the Ipswich visitors, who tested a tube with an empty cartridge, stated that the latter went up and returned in seven and a-half seconds." Queenslander (Brisbane) 25 June 1904, p.34.
• "A passing visit should be paid to the old eight-horse power Crossley engine which for several years has done good service working the pneumatic tube cash railway. This engine has to some extent been superseded by a large power station." Roscommon Messenger, 18 Oct. 1910, p. 8. Address is given as Ann Street/Duncan Street
• "Founded by catholic grocer Thomas Beirnes who manned the floors keeping an eye on things right to the last." Bub
• "Staff at T.C. Beirne's, with pneumatic cash carrier in background. Ipswich, 1971." Picture Ipswich website
• Acquired by David Jones in 1961 and rebadged in 1966. Closed in January 1973.

BRISBANE. T.C. Beirne, Nicholas/Union Street, Ipswich. Branch built in 1902. Later became Waltons and demolished 1987. "The money .. passed from hand to hand, and from the cash railways to the cash drawers." The Queenslander, 9 Jan. 1904, p. 33
• Photograph of staff in cash office with pneumatic carrier equipment in background, May 1971. Ipswich Libraries website.

BRISBANE. Brisbane Bargain Store, 678 Ann Street, Valley. "By public auction ... Shop fixtures and fittings. 7 point Cash Railway, Cash Desk." Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 16 Nov. 1940, p. 18

BRISBANE. Calile Malouf & Sons., Adelaide Street, opp. Town Hall. "Sale by public auction. £3,000 fixtures, fittings and plant... Comprising: Lamson pneumatic cash tube system, 10 stations, complete with latest turbine blowers, in prefect order, just recently installed." Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 1 Feb. 1940, p. 20

BRISBANE. Cashmans, Wickham Street, Valley. "Under instructions from Cashmans, owing to removal to Adelaide Street .. shop fittings, display tables, cash railways." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 1 Aug. 1938, p. 26

BRISBANE. Chapman & Co., Queen Street. "The cash railways full speed ahead at Chapman & Company." Brisbane Courier, 5 Mar. 1904, p. 1

BRISBANE. Curzons small dept. store, where Lennons Hotel was. Cash carrier. Bub

BRISBANE. David Jones, 196 Queen Street. New premises erected 1909-10. "The building featured .. pneumatic tubes for exchanging cash." Queensland Government Environment and Resource website. "Cullinanes's had those tubes. Actually, the original David Jones (big department store) in Brisbane had them last time I looked." (B.Christian in posting to alt.sixtyplus, 11/2/02)

BRISBANE. Edwards and Chapman, Queen Street. "Messrs. Edwards and Chapman, of Queen-street, have just had fitted up in their shop a ' cash railway'—an invention by means of which the assistants can send the money taken over the counter to the cashier and receive change without leaving their posts. This system, which was patented in the United States, has been in use in the leading business houses of Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide for some time past, and was introduced by Mr. E. Rowlands, aerated water and cordial manufacturer, of Melbourne and Ballarat, who bought the patent rights for the Australian colonies. During a recent visit to Melbourne Mr. Chapman, while visiting the leading drapery establishments in that city, had an opportunity of seeing the cash railway at work, and he decided to have one fitted up in the firm's premises in Brisbane. The work of erecting the railway was performed by Messrs. P. Fleming and Son, of Albert-street, and superintended by E.G. Emery, Mr. Rowland's manager. The work was completed on Friday last, and the new system was successfully brought into operation at noon on Saturday.
The railway consists of a "terminus," which is fixed over the cashier's desks, and which is suspended from the ceiling and held firmly in position by sixteen steel wires about one-sixteenth of an inch in diameter, which radiate horizontally from the terminus in direct lines to as many stations fixed over the heads the clerks. The wire, although thin, is immensely strong, and has been tested up to a strain of half a ton.
The cash carriers which run on those wires consist of two small grooved wheels about the size of half-a-crown, from which is suspended a circular wooden cash-box with a nickel plated lid in which is a spring permitting the easy removal of the box. The carriers are set in motion by a kind of caterpult [sic] fixed in suitable positions, and operated by means of a cord. As soon as the cord is pulled down to a certain point the carrier is shot on its journey to the cashier, who, on hearing the click notifying its arrival, takes off the box, stamps the bill, wraps up the change, replaces it in the box, and shoots it off again whence it came. There is also a wire communicating with the accountant's office, so that the cashier may send in the cash received."Brisbane Courier, 27 Nov. 1888, p.6
• "Messrs. Edwards and Chapman have 16 stations fitted up." The Week (Brisbane), 1 Dec. 1888, p. 31
• "1888, November 26. First 'cash railway' in Queensland introduced by Edwards and Chapman." Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory for 1889. (Brisbane: Gordon & Gotch, 1889), p.83

BRISBANE. Edwards and Lamb. "Small old-fashioned one-level store with passage-way down the middle." Cash carrier. Bub
"Edwards & Lamb have for sale a quantity of Star Store Cash Railway Equipment." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 16 Apr. 1946, p. 9

BRISBANE. Finney, Isles & Co. (large upmarket dept store). City Exchange building at corner of Adelaide and Edward Streets from mid-1880s. "There has been in operation for some weeks at the premises of Messrs. Finney, Isles, and Co. a new system of cash railway... A double line of brass rods with wire sides is seen running just above the counters. When change is desired, the assistant places the money in a wooden globe, which he puts into a metal basket connected with the railway above. A string is pulled, the basket rises to a level with the railway, and the ball falls out and runs along the line until it reaches the cash office." [Brisbane] Telegraph, 4 Dec. 1891, p. 2
"The building at the corner of Queen and Edward streets, long occupied by Messrs. Finney, Isles, and Co. .. is in process of demolition... The hindrance to the staircase was the paying desk and termini of the system of cash railways." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 25 Oct. 1901, p. 7
"The great new warehouse which is being built in Queen-street for Finney, Isles, and Co. .. is rapidly asuming shape... A contract has just been let for a Hornsby suction gas plant of 281 horse-power. In addition to producing electric light for the whole building .. and driving the pneumatic cash railways with which the sales departments will be fitted, this power will also be utilised for driving 300 sewing machines." Brisbane Courier, 1 May 1909, p. 11
Purchased by David Jones in 1955. Fashion Archives website with photograph of 1910 showing a terminal.
Wire system, removed when store was sold and revamped in 1960s. Bub

BRISBANE. Foggitt, Jones and Co., Turbot Street. "The outbreak had originated in the basement, in the vicinity of a cash tube." Daily Standard (Brisbane), 18 Dec. 1916, p. 4

BRISBANE. ? Forest Glen, River Terrace/Collins Street, South Brisbane. "For sale, cheap .. Cash Railway." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 26 Aug. 1938, p. 22

BRISBANE. Foy and Gibson, Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. "The most amazing proof of the growing importance of this end of town [the Valley] for business purposes is found in the large warehouse just completed by Messrs. Foy and Gibson, and which will be opened for business for the first time on Monday next at 9 a.m... The cash railways are on an improved plan, the 'Lamson Express Cash Service' patent. The wires, being all on an upward slope to the cash desks, thus return automatically, should they at any time fail to catch on at the desk. Four cash stations are fitted at different parts of the building, and there are also auxiliary desks in the very busy departments." Brisbane Courier, 27 Jun. 1903, p. 6

BRISBANE. Gallagher & Co., The Corner, Queen Street. "The cash railway contractors are waiting for room to start work." Brisbane Courier, 3 Jun. 1907, p. 6
• "The cash railway is one improvement." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 12 Dec. 1907, p. 9

BRISBANE. Gardams, Edward Street. Cash carrier. Lyn Walsh in posting to Facebook

BRISBANE. Gordon and Gotch, Queen Street. "Surplus fittings, etc., for sale... 3-point cash railway and stations." Daily Standard (Brisbane). 10 Jul. 1925, p. 4

BRISBANE. Harringtons, 365 Queen Street. "Seven statin cash railway for sale. No reasonable offer refused." Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 10 May 1940, p. 19

BRISBANE. J. and T. Hislop, Stanley Street. "For many years there has not been a fire in Bisbane so disastrous as that which, last evening, so completely destroyed the establishment of Messrs. J. and T. Heaslop... The furniture and cash railway [were insured] for £350." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 5 Jan. 1909, p. 5

BRISBANE. Irvines, Wynum. "Lamson store cash railway system, ten stations erected, sell £25 lot. Irvine's Store, Wynum 10." Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 2 Oct. 1950, p. 12

BRISBANE. Leslie James, Queen/Edward Streets. "On account of having sold lease and retiring from business... Cash railway system." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 20 May 1940, p. 20

BRISBANE. McDonald and East, (The White Store), George Street. "A new drapery firm .. opened their business to the public on Friday last... Cash railways and other conveniences indicate that the firm have decided to keep their establishment thoroughly up-to-date." Telegraph (Brisbane), 15 Oct. 1901, p. 7
• "Our money-saving sale the busiest ever. Not for one moment was any of our Cash Carriers idle yesterday, going and returning from the cashier at lightening speed." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 9 Jan. 1913, p. 1
"During the past week M'Donnell and East, Ltd., the well-known drapers and general providers have taken possession of the four-story addition to their premises... The extensive pneumatic cash system is operated by a 10 h.p. electric motor." Brisbane Courier, 9 Apr. 1913, p. 11
• Dept. store, corner of Tank and Roma Street. Cash carrier. Three storey building plus basement cafeteria. In operation in mid-1980s but now demolished awaiting redevelopment. Bub

BRISBANE, McWhirters dept. store, Fortitude Valley, bounded by Brunswick, Wickham and Warner Streets. "McWhirters store was erected in four stages on land acquired between 1899 and 1929, by Brisbane draper, James McWhirter... McWhirters was the most modern and progressive of department stores with .. a pneumatic cash tube system which was the largest in the state. In 1955 McWhirters was purchased by Myers, a Melbourne-based department store chain, which continued to operate the former McWhirters complex as a department store until 1988... In 1989 the property was redeveloped as McWhirters Marketplace." Photograph of exterior on Flickr
• "The cash desk is situated on the first floor near the staircase, and 'cash railways' fully 1000ft. long connect it with every department and every counter. A similar provision is made connecting with the private offices on the top floor." Brisbane Courier, 10 Oct. 1901, p. 7
• "McWhirter's new building opened to the public... The basement at the rear holds the machinery, the patent blower &c., and the tube room... The latest cash tube system is in operation." The Week (Brisbane), 25 Oct. 1912, p. 5
• "The pneumatic cash tube installation is the largest in the State." Brisbane Courier, 23 May 1913, p. 32
•"McWhirters' are also proud to tell of the installation of the latest thing in pneumatic tube systems for the handling of cash. There is only one other system of this kind in the Commonwealth, and that is in Melbourne." Daily Mail (Brisbane), 24 Sep. 1923, p. 12

BRISBANE. Morleys Pty., Tweed Heads. "For sale, nine cash railway stations, catapult style, no reasonable offer refused.". The Telegraph (Brisbane), 9 Mar. 1939, p. 19

BRISBANE. Arthur J. Morris, Adelaide Chambers. "For immediate sale, up-to-date Cash Railway System, 10 stations, four months' use." Queensland Times, 22 Oct. 1919, p. 2

BRISBANE. W.J. Overell and Sons, Ann Street/Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. "The establishment is one of the few in Brisbane having a cash railway." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 21 Dec. 1894, p. 5
• "It is now about ten months since the extensive drapery establishment of Messrs. W.J. Overell and Sons .. was burned to the ground. To-day a new building stands on the site... Lamson Paragon cash railways for carrying change have been built all over the establishment, and form an attractive feature of the interior." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 2 Dec. 1904, p. 9
• "The emporium will be extended at the back... There will be .. a new system of pneumatic tube cash service." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 23 Aug. 1911, p. 2
"We have installed on our premises one of the best cash tube systems in the Commonwealth, but even this advantage could not help us out of our difficulty. The strain on the engines supplying the power for the tubes was too great; as a result, a little congestion occurred now and again. At the first opportunity, however, we shall instal more powerful engines." Daily Standard (Brisbane), 15 Dec. 1921, p. 1

BRISBANE. Palings music store, Queen Street. Wire system disappeared in 1970s. Shop lasted until 1990s. Bub

BRISBANE. Perry Bros., Queen Street. "Amongst the improvements carried out in the establishment during the year has ben the installation of the Lamson pneumatic despatch tube cash system." The Telegraph (Brisbane). 5 Dec. 1908, p. 7

BRISBANE. J.T. Phipps (tailor and mercer), George Street. "Auction sale .. on the premises of J.T. Phipps... The contents of a long established, well stocked tailor and mercer... Aerial cash railways." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 24 Feb. 1921, p. 10

BRISBANE. Pike Bros. (clothiers and mercers), Queen Street. "The removing, of the office to the rear end of the show-room and the fitting up of a cash railway system are the principal changes." The Telegraph (Brisbane). 21 Dec. 1892, p. 3
• "Extra cash railways are provided, and a new office is furnished for the cashier." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 27 Aug. 1902, p. 9
• "The new Lamson cash tube system, installed by the firm, is one of the latest improvements, driven by a new gas suction plant, which also drives the passenger elevator, and generates the power for the workrooms and lighting purposes." Brisbane Courier, 9 Dec. 1911, p. 16

BRISBANE. Queensland Co-operative Society. "On the premises of the Queensland Co-operative Society (Q.C.S.), opposite Finney's, J. Smales is instructed to sell by public auction .. cash railway system, 5 points." Brisbane Courier, 30 Aug. 1919, p. 8

BRISBANE. Queensland Drapery Warehouse (Chapman & Co.), Queen Street. "Visitors, do not miss the chance of seeing one of the sights of the City. See the elevator and cash railway at the Queensland Drapery Warehouse." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 26 Aug. 1891, p. 1

BRISBANE. Queensland Pastoral Supplies, Bowen Street, off Ann Stret. ""Within a few weeks the new building .. will be completed... There also will be passenger and goods lifts .. and pneumatic carrying tubes." Brisbane Courier, 25 Feb. 1930, p. 11

BRISBANE. Russell Wilkins (Red Arcade). "The system .. known as the Lamson Store Service Company Perfection Cable ... was installed by Messrs. Potter Bros., Courier Building, who are the sole agents in Queensland for the patent." Brisbane Courier, 27 Jan. 1905, p. 4
Court case: Lamson Store Service Company v. Russell, Wilkins and Sons. Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 22 Dec. 1906, p. 18
"Russell Wilkins ... settled at Irvinebank on Fairfield Road in 1892. He established the Red Arcade selling toys and fancy goods, complete with a novel cash tramway, worked by electric motor, carrying documents for scrutiny or change to customers." BRISbites website.
"Important auction .. on the premises lately occupied by Red Arcade, Flinders-street, City... Under instructions from Messrs Shaw & Sons, Ltd... Cash railway & fittings." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 13 Sep. 1927, p. 12

BRISBANE. Sharpes Ltd., Brunswick Street, Valley. "Cash railways, seven stations, complete, no further use, will accept £15." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 5 Nov. 1938, p. 28

BRISBANE. Alfred Shaw & Co. (ironmongers), Queen Street. "The new premises, which have been put up on the site of the old ones .. are now nearly completed... The building extends from Queen-street to Adelaide-street, a total depth of 298 ft.; and consists of three floors... Into the retail department the ingenious Amerioan rolling-ball cash railway system has been introduced." The Queenslander, 24 Dec. 1892, p. 1227
• "To Let... These magnificent business premises next Union Bank, in occupation by Shaw & Sons till September 1 next .. fitted with .. cash railway." Brisbane Courier, 30 Jul. 1907, p. 8
• "Having installed cash registers, we have for sale the overhead cash railway system (as used by Messrs. Shaw & Sons)... Apply Woolworth's Limited, Queen-street, near G.P.O. Brisbane Courier, 6 Oct. 1927, p. 23

BRISBANE. G.T. Sweetman and Co., Brunswick Street, Valley. "The equipments include a Lamson store service of cash carriers of a most rapid character." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 26 Sep. 1911, p. 8
• "In the matter of G.T. Sweetman & Co., assigned estate, by order of the trustees .. J. Smales is instructed to prepare and sell by public auction ... Cash Railway System, 5 points." The Telegraph (Brisbane), 8 Mar. 1919, p. 12

BRISBANE. Trittons quality furniture, George Street through to North Quay. Cash carrier. Demolished in early 1970s and now the site of Queensland Law Courts. Bub

BRISBANE. Uhl's saddlery, Queen Street. Rapid Wire system operating in 1976. Lamson Solutions 1898-1998

BRISBANE. Watson Bros., 143-145 Queen Street. "Cash railway station and five points, sale cheap, good condition." Brisbane Courier, 23 Jul. 1931, p. 20

BUNDABERG. J.A. Grigg & Co. "The premier cash grocers... The only firm in Bundaberg having the cash railways in use." Bundaberg Mail, 10 Dec. 1894, p. 5

BUNDABERG. W.J. Heathwood (drapers). "Tenders will be received for the purchase .. of the business lately carried on by W.J. Heathwood, Bundaberg. The assets comprise .. Cash Railway [etc.]" Brisbane Courier, 16 Jun. 1926, p. 4

BUNDABERG. Jiear and Fairbrother, Bourbon Street. "Jiear and FAirbrother will open their establishment .. this morning... A cash railway system has been installed throughout the premises." Bundaberg Mail, 1 Aug. 1914, p. 4

BUNDABERG. People's Cash Stores. "What promises to be a popular institution in Bundaberg is the new branch store of the well-known People's Cash Stores... The shop is replete with . a cash railway." Bundaberg Mail, 16 Oct. 1909, p. 2

CAIRNS. A.C.B., Abbott Street. (Proprietor A.C. Byerley) "A.J. Draper Pty. Ltd., Auctioneers .. will sell .. all the fixtures and fittings and plant lately used by the A.C.B. Ltd., comprising .. cash railway system with six terminals." Cairns Post, 9 Feb. 1933, p. 2
•(Not sure if this is A.C.B.) "For sale .. Overhead Cash Railway System, gear complete for seven stations and two central stations. Apply 105 Abbott-street, Cairns." Cairns Post, 11 Mar. 1938, p. 1

CAIRNS. M. Boland. "About seventeen years ago Mr. Boland made a start as a general storekeeper and .. his business has expanded into one of the largest in the Cairns district... Cash railways connect the departments with the cashier." The Queenslander (Brisbane), 17 Dec. 1904, p. 25
• "Boland's have given service to the public for over 49 years... They have installed the latest Lamson Pneumatic Tube cash system. This system will mean a minimum of delay to customers in receiving their change. Three thousand feet of tubing has been used in the installation. The average length of time for a carrier to travel from a station on the ground floor to the office on the second floor and return to its department is eight. seconds. A carrier travels at the.rate of 25 feet a second.
At the cash desk on the second floor the power saving automatic control is used: This control closes automatically when the carrier reaches its destination.
The power plant is a 7 h.p. electric motor, driving a Lamson pneumatic tube turbo compressor, and receives its power from the motor per a v belt drive. The turbo travels at the rate of 3000 revs, a minute. The unique feature of this system is that it requires practically no maintenance whatsoever, including the power plant which will run.for at least 12 months without further oiling or greasing." Cairns Post, 30 Nov. 1936, p. 3

CAIRNS. Callaghan Walsh. "Cash railways of an improved style have been ordered by Messrs Callaghan Walsh, Limited, and Mr R.H. Kelly." Cairns Post, 18 Sep. 1909, p. 3

CAIRNS. R.H.Kelly's, shoe retailers, Abbott Street. See CAIRNS. Callaghan Walsh above.
• Pneumatic system in 1960s. Bob Norman of Cairns

starCAIRNS. Harris Brothers, mercers and drapers, Abbot Street. Wire system. Moved to new store in Mulgrave Road - wire system is now a static display. Bob Norman of Cairns

CHARLEVILLE. FitzWalter & Co., Wills/Alfred Streets. "The Hotel Charleville, FitzWalter's stote and Carter's offices were destroyed by fire... Furniture and fittings were worth £1,400; cash railway, £100. Charleville Times, 27 Mar. 1931, p. 10

CHARTERS TOWERS. Lionel Ayres, Gill Street. "There is now also a cash railway installed, so that there is no unnecessary waiting." Northern Miner (Charters Towers), 22 Dec. 1902, p. 7

CHARTERS TOWERS. Blue Store. "For sale... Fixtures and fittings... Cash railway lines and rollers." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 23 Feb. 1929, p. 2

CHARTERS TOWERS. Daking Smith & Co. "Amongst the many improvements for the public convenience and comfort introduced amongst us during the last few months Is a railway cash system, known and registered as Lamson's Rapid-wire system... lt is the only cash railway of the kind north of Brisbane." Northern Miner (Charters Towers), 22 Aug. 1892, p. 2
• "It is the intention of the firm to open the new buildings on Friday week... The intricate mazes of the cash railway .. will stagger those who have come to consider the old corner shop as an ideal place of business." Evening Telegraph (Charters Towers), 28 Oct. 1909, p. 5

CHARTERS TOWERS . Drummond & Co., Caledonian House, Gill Street. "Messrs Drummond and Co. .. are the first firm in North Queensland to introduce Lamson's cash railway into their premises... The railway is laid over the whole of Messrs Drummond's rooms, there being nine stations, besides the cashier's station... The assistant upon taking cash from his or her customer, places the same in a ball... The erection of the railway at the Caledonian House was completed on Friday, and will be used on Saturday for the first time." Northern Mining Register, 8 Jun. 1892, p. 15

CHARTERS TOWERS. Foxlees. "The Lawson [sic] cash railway will be installed this month, and the buzz of the little overhead trollies will be a sign of business at the busy Gill Street shop." Northern Miner, 16 Sep. 1909, p. 2

CHARTERS TOWERS. E.E. Grubb (grocer), Mesman Street. "For absolute sale by auction .. in assigned estate of E.E. Grubb, Grocer... Cash Railway." Northern Miner (Charters Town), 24 Nov. 1927, p. 1

CHARTERS TOWERS. People's Cash Store, Gill Street. "In the Charters Towers establishment large stocks of groceries, produce, hardware. crockery &c., are kept... The shop is fitted in most up-to-date style, the improvements including a cash railway." North Queensland Register, 23 Dec. 1896, p. 16

CHARTERS TOWERS. Stan Pollard's Store, Gill Street. Installed by Pollard in 1934, when he purchased the Daking-Smith building. Queensland Book of Memories.
• "Until recently Stan Pollards Store still had a flying fox for cash transactions... This extraordinary device was a common feature of large country stores until the 1950s. The flying fox has been removed to the Zara Clark Museum. It is hoped that it will be reinstated so it can be demonstrated." Walkabout website.
• Photograph of Stan Pollard operating the Rapid Wire system in Australian Book of Memories


DALBY. Clarke and Houghton (C. and H.), Cunningham Street. "New cash railways have been installed, running from the various departments to the office." Dalby Herald, 23 Mar. 1937, p. 3

DALBY. Thomas Jack and Co. "have installed five new cash itemisers (or registers)... These .. will replace the cash railway system, which is too slow for complete efficiency." Dalby Herald, 23 Mar. 1937, p. 2

starDALBY. Millinery shop, opposite Westpac Bank. "Still has the cash railway, used to carry cash from one side of the shop to the other." (Dalby website)

DARLING DOWNS. Annand and Booth (Big Store). "Messrs. Annand and Booth, of the 'Big Store', intend to conduct a novel scheme which may provide quite an appreciable sum for the hospital... The purchase money of the tenth, twentieth, and thirtieth cash sale, and so on, will be returned, half to the purchaser and half to the hospital. The purchaser, of course, will not know the result until the cash-ball comes rolling back along the cash railway." Darling Downs Gazette, 26 May 1914, p. 4

starGAYNDAH. Mellor's(drapery) 28 Capper Street. Gipe system. "This shop in Gayndah is still using a money handling system from the 1920s. It's the last shop in Queensland to still use a 'flying fox' change dispenser... 'This building was built in 1922, after the original one was burnt down in 1921,' shopkeeper Marianne Hodgson explains. 'The only thing to survive the fire was the flying fox.'" Photographs. ABC Wide Bay website
• Connecting the service areas on the easterly and westerly sides of the store with an elevated cash desk is a suspended wire system. The cash desk is located on the central axis near the rear of the store. An ornate metal and timber flying fox transports change between the service areas and the cash desk via this system of taut wires. Queensland Department of Environment website
• Haberdashery since 1954. On the market since 2011 and listed for $180,000 with flying fox included. Photographs on Commercial Real Estate website
• " Mellors store in the Queensland town of Gayndah is fitted with the last working “flying fox” change dispenser in the state." Commercial Real Estate website
• "We used it till about 3 years ago, now we do demonstrations with it and have a donation tin for the Royal Flying Doctors for doing the demo." Julieann Osborne on Facebook
Video on Facebook

GYMPIE. Cullinanes. "Cullinanes Ltd. have computing scales and the New Wire Cash Railway throughout their Grocery Department." Gympie Times, 12 Dec. 1903, p. 2

GYMPIE. Shamblers (Universal Store). "Shamblers' Limited have opened up as a Universal Store... The new rapid cash railway is already installed, being the latest improvement." Gympie Times, 4 Aug. 1917, p. 5


HOME HILL. Turnbull Ltd. "For sale, Cash Railway in good order, suitable for 4 departments... Price now £25." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 14 Jan. 1928, p. 2

IPSWICH. A.C.B., Brisbane Street. "Public auction... Fixtures, fittings .. cash railway." Queensland Times (Ipswich), 20 Jul. 1935, p. 14. [Says "Account - Messrs. Cribb & Foote Pty. so may be the same as below.]

IPSWICH. Cribb and Foote, Bell Street. "Electric power is used for the following utilities... 15 h.p. motor for pneumatic cash system... Provision is already made for 21 cash-stations, these being about half the number allowed for, as the old premises are to be installed with similar facilities at a later period.." Queensland Times, 30 No. 1912, p. 10
"Only electric lights were utilised in the cellar. A small engine and a blower were worked there in connection with the cash tubes." Queensland Times, 18 Aug. 1920, p. 4

IPSWICH. S. Fifer, Brisbane Street. "A cash railway system has been installed. This work is in the hands of the Star Store Service Company, of Brisbane, and all accessories in connection with the system have been made in Brisbane." Queensland Times, 15 Oct. 1921, p. 7

IPSWICH. Fred Smith, Nicholas/Brisbane Streets. "Bryant & Parker have received instructions from the Fred Smith Company to sell by public auction, shop fittings .., cash railway." Queensland Times, 19 Apr. 1904, p. 10

LAIDLEY. G. Wyman, Patrick Street. "There is also an elevated cash office .. for receiving the overhead cash-railway communications." Queensland Times, 2 Mar. 1907, p. 12

LONGREACH. Boldeman. "Above the office is the cashiers desk, and here is installed the most modern method of handling money - the Lamson cash trolly railway system. There are ten lines in operation, and they are so elevated that the operator has a view of the whole shop, so that confusion or delays are impossible." Longreach Leader, 24 Aug. 1923, p. 8

MACKAY. T.C. Beirne & Co. "Messrs. T.C. Beirne & Co., Sydney-street, have had further additions made to their new premises... The firm contemplate putting in a system of cash railway or pneumatic tubes, though which system is to be adopted will be decided later." Daily Mercury (Mackay), 16 Nov. 1907, p. 2
"When the cash began to flow [in the sale], the cash railway was quite inadequate, and the cashiers became adept in catching the change balls as they were tossed to them." Daily Mercury (Mackay), 30 Aug. 1927, p. 8

MACKAY. J. Hillmann, Victoria Street. "It is only a few months ago since Mr. Hillmann installed an up-to-date Cash Railway System." Daily Mercury (Mackay), 9 Aug. 1913, p. 7

MACKAY. Holmes Bros., Victoria Street. "Special auction sales. The complete stock and shop fittings of Messrs. Holmes Bros... Cash railway service with 6 stations." Daily Mercury (Mackay), 18 Dec. 1939, p. 12

MACKAY. Marsh & Webster. "We .. congratulate Messrs. Marsh & Webster on being the first to lay throughout their extensive premises the Lawson [sic] over-head cash railway system now used by the principal business houses in the southern colonies." Mackay Mercury, 15 Sep. 1894, p. 2

MAREEBA. Jack & Newell. See MOSSMAN.

MARYBOROUGH. Boys and Sons, Kent Street. "The latest and most up-to-date improvement to the premises is the installation of the cash railway system." Maryborough Chronicle, 4 Oct. 1913, p. 5

MARYBOROUGH. H.J. Fevre, Adelaide Street. "Fittings for sale... Cash railway system." Maryborough Chronicle, 15 Jul. 1924, p. 3

MARYBOROUGH. Finney, Isles & Co. "Over 11 years ago .. it was determined to open a branch store at Maryborough, and fine premises were secured in the main street and adjoining the A.J.S. Bank... The interior is .. fitted with every convenience, including the cash railway." Sydney Mail, 26 Jan. 1895, p. 184
"The installation of the cash railway system during the year .. is the latest improvement made by this progressive firm." Maryborough Chronicle, 20 Dec. 1910, p. 3

MARYBOROUGH. Ganly & Co. "They are having instaled a new cash railway system, which will mean a smarter and quicker service." Maryborough Chronicle, 18 Dec. 1909, p. 8

MARYBOROUGH. G. Horsburgh & Co. "This enterprising firm has also gone in for Lamson's cash railway apparatus, and have already two in operation, with more to follow." Maryborough Chronicle, 15 Oct. 1903, p. 2

MARYBOROUGH. Lewis, Adelaide Street. "Private sale of shop fittings and furniture... Lamson cash railway (four complete stations)." Maryborough Chronicle, 3 Apr. 1951, p. 4

MARYBOROUGH. G. Stupart (Drapery Palace). "Mr G. Stupart, following the example of Anthony Hordern and Sons .. has decided to have fitted up in his Drapery Palace the ingenious and time-saving apparatus known as a 'cash railway'." Maryborough Chronicle, 7 Dec. 1892, p. 2
"Every few weeks we'd drive to Maryborough for groceries... One of the shops, Stuparts, had ... a flying fox for taking the bill and the cash from the counter to the cashier up on the next floor. It consisted of a cable with a container attached... There would be a ting and the contained would fly up the cable... I wanted one at home so tried to make it but was never successful." Marjorie Abell. Midge. (Xlibris, 2014) , p. 80

MOSSMAN. Jack & Newells. "In 1981, Jack & Newell's in Mossman was sold to the Cane Growers Co-operative. These days it operates as Mossman Home Hardware... Before the days of cash registers, Jack & Newell's cashier worked in the upstairs office, and staff at the retail counters would send cash and dockets up for processing via an old flying fox system... At Mossman, the cashier had three separate lines coming in, one each from the drapery, hardware and grocery sections of the store... Jack & Newell used this system at their Mareeba, Chillagoe and Herberton stores as well, but the practice was phased out during the 1950s... Unfortunately, none of the old Jack & Newell cash carriers still exist." Mareeba Historical Society website

MOUNT MORGAN.Co-operative Store (Mount Morgan Gold Mining Co.) "Auction sale of Co-operative Store fittings... One only 13 station Star Service cash railway." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 10 Mar. 1928, p. 14
"The cash railway brought £10." Ibid. 23 Mar. 1928, p. 6

MOUNT MORGAN. Harris & Co. "Our intention to construct new cash railways at Mount Morgan and Rockhampton will be carried out." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 25 Nov. 1907, p. 8

MOUNT MORGAN. James Stewart & Co. Pty. Ltd. (dept. store). Cash railway introduced in 1897. Ledger entry for 2 August shows that cost was 225 pounds plus installation. Building and railway extended in 1904. Business continued to 1929. Building is now town museum and has a piece of a wire system which may have belonged to the store. R.Macfarlane

MOUNT MORGAN. Woods and Co. "Raymond James Hand .. is charged that .. he broke and entered the premises of Woods and Co... He said that .. he swung on a gas pipe to support of the cash railway system." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 16 Jul. 1936, p. 11

MURGON. W. Stephenson and Co. "Cash railway, perfect order. For sale £6/10/-, cost £20. Maryborough Chronicle, 2 Jun. 1931, p. 3

NAMBOUR. Collins & Co., Currie Street. "We want every man and woman in Maroochy District to come along and witness the opening of our new cash railway, another step on our way to store supremacy." Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser (Qld.), 27 Mar. 1914, p. 3

NAMBOUR. Co-op. "Assets... Cash railway (at cost less depreciation) £72." Nambour Chronicle, 9 May 1952, p. 7

NAMBOUR. Michael's. "The premises .. have been made ready for the opening to-day as a general drapery store... A cash railway systm [sic] .. extends from the farthest point over the counters nearest the entrance to the office which is situated at the back wall of the premises and raised some eight feet from the floor." Nambour Chronicle, 1 Sep. 1939, p. 4

NAMBOUR. W. Whalley. "A big improvement in the working of Mr. W. Whalley's store at Nambour has been effected by the installation of a seven-line cash railway system, whereby all payments made and change given are conveyed to and from the cashier in the method so well known in the metropolis. The system. which is 'made in Australia' throughout, was supplied and set up by Messrs. Star Bros. of 26 Adelaide St., Brisbane... The same firm, whose head factory is in Sydney, have set up systems, similar though of course much more elaborate, in such great establishments as the Sydney houses of Mark Foy, Lasseter, and others." Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser, 23 Jun. 1916, p. 7

NOBBY. D.Brodie, 12 Tooth Street. Closed in 1972 and cash railway salvaged by Allora Historical Society and put in store. Now returned to the shop and it is hoped to restore it for display. P. & A. Roberts and AMOL Working with Collections website

PITTSWORTH. Bickerton and Co. "Messrs. Bickerton and Co., Ltd., have recently effected substantial changes to their grocery and drapery establishment... The office has been raised on a pedestal, from which is operated the new and up-to-date cash railway system." Pittsworth Sentinel, 18 Aug. 1923, p. 2

ROCKHAMPTON. A.C.B. Drapers. "Mr A.C. Byerley, sole proprietor of the A.C.B. Drapers .. recenyly purchased the well-known drapery business of Messrs. Harris .. which is recognised as the most modern store in Queensland, north of Brisbane, to-day... The basement is occupied with a fully equipped electric power plant which lights up the whole premises and drives .. [the] motor for the cash tubes." Daily Standard (Brisbane), 13 Apr. 1922, p. 6

ROCKHAMPTON. Boldeman, Eagle Street. "The ferro-concrete building erected for Mr. Boldeman is one of the finest and best equipped in the Central-west... It has a frontage of 66 ft. to Eagle-street... A Lanson [sic] cash trolly railway system with ten lines has been installed." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 30 Aug. 1923, p. 7

ROCKHAMPTON. W. Breckels & Co. Pty., East Street. "The auctioneers will sell .. the whole of the remaining shop fittings .. including .. cash railway." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 22 Feb. 1943, p. 4

ROCKHAMPTON. Bremners. "Closing down sale... Six cash railways, which we would be prepared to erect for the purchaser at one-half the original cost." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 24 Jan. 1934, p. 4

ROCKHAMPTON. A. Chisolm. "The overhead cash railway system had to be pulled down and re-erected owing to the cash desk being removed to the end of the building." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 15 Jun. 1932, p. 6

ROCKHAMPTON. Duffy Brothers, East Street. "Messrs. Duffy Brothers have made modern improvements to their premises in East street... Cash 'railways' are operated from eight stations in the office, four running along each side." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 26 Sep. 1923, p. 7
"Auction of shop fittings... Cash railway (7 stations)." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 18 Apr. 1929, p. 13

ROCKHAMPTON. Harris & Co., East Street. (Drapers and clothiers). Became A.C.B. in 1922. "Our intention to construct new cash railways at Mount Morgan and Rockhampton will be carried out." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 25 Nov. 1907, p. 8
"The various departments are connected up with the cashier's office by a system of pneumatic tubes." Ibid. 7 Aug. 1914, p. 9
"We are proud of our store, from basement to roof (5 floors) .. pneumatic cash tubes." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 15 Aug. 1918, p. 10

ROCKHAMPTON. Hogan & Cranley (grocers), William/Bolsover Streets. "Big clearing sale of Hogan & Cranley's stock... All fixtures and counters, cash railway." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 12 Jun. 1920, p. 14

ROCKHAMPTON. Thomas Kelly and Sons, East Street. "Mammoth clearance sale .. on the premises of Thomas Kelly & Sons... 3-station 'Star' cash railway with all fittings." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 7 Feb. 1942, p. 7

ROCKHAMPTON. A.W.Kirby. New premises opened. "A complete [pneumatic tube] cash system has been installed by the Lamson Paragon Store Service Company." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton). 15 Jun. 1922, p. 7

ROCKHAMPTON. Partridge & Co. "Aerial cash railway; large quantity of accessories for quick sale." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 17 Dec. 1935, p. 1

ROCKHAMPTON. People's Cash Stores (J. and T. Heaslop), East Street. "The firm's Rockhampton branch was opened on Saturday last... They have left nothing undone .. even to the erection of cash railways." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 2 Aug. 1897, p. 5
• "On the premises, the People's Cash Store East Street, gigantic sale... 5-station Lanson [sic] cash railway." Evening News (Rockhampton), 11 Jun. 1927, p. 8

ROCKHMPTON. C. Snelling. See Anecdotes

starROCKHAMPTON. James Stewart & Co. (dept. store), Criterion House, East Street. Cash railway installed by about 1895. New building and extension to system added in 1898 - newspaper reports on 9 and 10 Dec. New building in 1928 with Lamson pneumatic tube system. 13 or 14 stations in 1950s. One station still in situ and working and other pipework visible. Terminals were "extremely elaborate with highly scrolled brass bodies - a work of art". R. Macfarlane
In September 1894 there was a court case involving a false soverign which had been sent through the cash ball system.
"The lighting and telephonette conduits will be concealed within the piers and the concrete floors, as also will the modern pneumatic cash tube system, which mars the ceilings and walls of so many fine buildings." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 19 Aug. 1926, p. 11
"The following matters were referred to the Works Committee... James Stewart and Co., stating that it was their intention to instal in their premises a pneumatic cash tube system and placing a station in the furniture premises, situated at the corner of Denham-street and East-lane... The overhead proposal was favoured as they considered the tube would be much more accessible in the event of a blockage... The height of the tube across the lane would be 17 ft. from the ground." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 10 Oct. 1929, p. 11
"On the completion of the fine building which now graces Stewart's corner block one thing was lacking, that was the installation of a suitable cash carrying system... This tube installation, carried out by the Lamson Store Service Co., is the most up-to-date in Queensland. The power unit of this system is a Lamson electrically driven turbine, rotating at the rate of 1500 revolutions per minute, and is the only one of its kind operating a tube service in the State. The assistant simply inserts money and docket in a brass container fitted with felt ends, places it in a tube which connects direct with the centre cash desk situated upstairs in the counting house. From the starting point the container .. is drawn by vacuum to the cash desk at the rate of from 30 to 40 feet per second, the vacuum being governed by an automatic control which allots to each tube just sufficient air to convey each carrier to its destination." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 19 Nov 1929, p.6
Photograph on State Library of Queensland blog "Shop interior at Rockhampton, Queensland 1910-1920" showing a Rapid Wire system may be of this store.

ROCKHAMPTON. Sydney Cash Drapery, East Street. "Extraordinary sensational sale... Seven station Paragon cash railway system." Evening News (Rockhampton), 11 Feb. 1926, p. 13

ROMA. Ace Drapers, 86 McDowell Street. "Formerly Hunter's Emporium, selling furniture, general drapery, clothing, ironmongery, groceries and other provisions... The current building was constructed in 1916 after a fire... The new emporium had electric light, a cash railway, and everything needed to make it 'thoroughly modern'. Aussie Heritage website

ROMA. Bryant and McLean (drapers, tailors, grocers, ironmongers). "We understand that an agent has been in Roma lately taking orders for those excellent and expeditious contrivances, now generally in use in Brisbane, known as 'cash railways.' The contrivance is one by which cash buyers in a store can receive change withont delay, and without there being any necessity for ihe assistant to leave the counter. There is a wire string along which "the cash box runs speedily to the counting house, and as speedily returns with ' the change. Messrs. Bryant and M'Lean have purchased one, and it may in a few days be seen at work in their establishment." Western Star and Roma Advertiser, 26 Oct. 1895, p. 2
• "The other building is to be a new store for Messrs. Bryant and M'Lean, to be erected on the land now occupied by a cottage in Arthur-street.. at the rear of the premises belonging to the Municipal Council now occupied by the firm, with which it will be connected by an overhead cash railway." Western Star and Roma Advertiser, 18 Jun. 1898, p. 2
• "The new premises are connected with the office by a 'cash railway' overhead, the exposed part in the lane being crossed by a pair of tunnels very ingeniously constructed by an expert from Sydney." Western Star and Roma Advertiser, 7 Dec. 1898, p. 3

ROMA. McNaughton & Co. "The most extensive improvement made in Roma for a number of years, is the enlargement of Messrs. M'Naughton and Co.'s business premises... The cash railway has also been introduced, and the various lines make in themselves a pleasing show. There are main trunk lines and branch lines connecting all departments with the counting house." Western Star and Roma Advertiser, 4 Mar. 1896, p. 2

TOOWOOMBA. Alexander and Monro, Ruthven Street. "Yesterday afternoon a number of gentlemen assembled .. at the palatial shop of Messrs Alexander and Munro to witness the first installation of the 'cash railway' in Toowoomba, or, we believe in Queensland outside the capital. The Lamson Cash Railway System is an ingenious device whereby much time .. is saved. It consists of in a modification of the wire tramway on a miniature .. scale. Wires are stretched from the various counters to the cashier's box... At each end of each wire are automatic locking gear and motive power in the shape of a coiled spring... Messrs. Anthony Horden and Sons .. have given the system a thorough trial at their huge Palace Emporium, Sydney... His Worship the Mayor, Mr. G. G. Cory, inaugurated the installation by transmitting the first money along the wire to the cashier." Darling Downs Gazette, 24 Oct. 1891, p. 5. (This does not match the Lamson Rapid Wire sysyem, which used elastic, not springs.)

TOOWOOMBA. Annand Bros., Ruthven/Russell Streets. "All the plant, fittings, and fixtures in the Assigned Estate of Annand Bros. .. will be submitted to public auction. The list comprises .. 13 station cash railway, [etc.]" Toowoomba Chronicle, 20 Feb. 1932, p. 8

TOOWOOMBA. Baileys, Ruthven Street. Wire system "possibly still in operation". Bub

TOOWOOMBA. Cramond & Stark, Ruthven/Margaret Streets. "Important auction sale .. owing to their retirement from business... 10 station Lampson [sic] cash railway system." Warwick Daily News, 11 Sep. 1937, p. 6

TOOWOOMBA. T.J. Higgins & Co., Ruthven Street (drapers), "The cash railway will soon be installed, and when this is done it will then be one of the most up-to-date warehouses in Toowoomba." Darling Downs Gazette, 28 Sep. 1904, p. 2
• "Wanted a smart girl for cash railway desk." Darling Downs Gazette, 11 Jun. 1907, p. 1

TOOWOOMBA. Pigott & Co. "The firm have just installed the cash railway, which is the system known as the 'Premier rapid'. This system carries the cash from the most remote station to the cash desk in three seconds, except the cable, which has to be worked by power. During the busy portion of the day and all Saturday it takes two girls to manipulate the wires at the cash desk." Darling Downs Gazette, 7 Nov. 1902, p. 3
• "Messrs. Pigott and Co. have had installed one of the best systems of rapid cash transit in the whole of the Commonwealth, and the only one of its kind upon the Darling Downs. The installation is called the Lamson Independent Line Pneumatic Tube System, with automatic control... Situated in a spacious room at the rear of the huge emporium is the power plant comprising a special type of 'blower' (suction) operated by a 2 h.p. electric motor. The automatic control regulates the speed according to whether the 'tubes' are very busy or only moderately so. Altogether there are 13 'stations', each with a 'tube' for the forward and return journey. The money is whisked away from the various trading departments to the smiling and courteous young lady cashiers upstairs, who in a twinkling adjust the money and the receipt and the 'cartridge' flies back to the station from which it was transmitted but a few seconds before.
Mr. Mugford .. is only too willing to show people this fine cash transit system, which he himself describes as 'a paradise of economy, facility, and prompt cash transit.'" Toowoomba Chronicle, 28 Jul. 1919, p. 5

TOWNSVILLE. Johns-Grant Quality Store. "Our Rapid Cash Carrier is now installed." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 22 July 1912, p.6

TOWNSVILLE. Hulberts, O.K. Store. "Hear the never-ceasing buz [sic] of the overhead cash railway." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 29 Oct. 1915, p. 5

TOWNSVILLE. Lennon's (drapers and outfitters). "The railway robbery... I sent it up on the cash railway with a slip of the purchase." Northern Miner (Charters Towers), 26 Feb. 1907, p. 5
"One of the many improvements noticeable in the shop is the installation of the Lamson Pneumatic Tube which replaces the old railway cash system. This is the first vacuum system to be installed in Townsville and the second outside Brisbane. There are ten stations connected with the system which, with the other conveniences, will be much appreciated by the public." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 8 Apr. 1924, p. 5

TOWNSVILLE. Great O.K. "You will hear the 'Whiz' of the Great O.K. Cash Railway." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 13 Nov. 1926, p. 4

TOWNSVILLE. Smellie & Co., Sturt Stret. "D.P. Viles .. will sell as above at Smellie's Buildings .. Cash Railway." Townsville Daily Bulletin, 31 Aug. 1929, p. 16

WARWICK. Barnes & Co. "Consistent with their usual enterprise, the firm of Messrs. Barnes & Co., have just had the cash railway system installed in all the departments of the Emporium. Mr. Bust, the representative of the Lamson Cash Railway Co., is just now completing the work, and it is hoped to have the first ball rolling by 7 o'clock this evening." Warwick Examiner and Times, 23 Mar. 1901, p. 2
• (Palmerin Street) "Barnes & Co.'s new trade palace... The Lamson pneumatic railway system, which touches 19 different points in the various departments, centres here [in the public offices]... The Lamson pneumatic cash transport system is worked by a blower, driven by an electric motor in the engine-room at the rear, and the principle employed is vacuum pressure. Two and a quarter inch tubing runs throughout the shop, and when a carrier is inserted in the sending box at any terminal it flies at the rate of 65 feet a second to the office desk... Different carriers are employed for the transpotrt of cash as well as credit, and, as well, instructions from the various departments to the despatching room are aeroplaned there." Warwick Examiner, 28 Jan. 1911, p. 2

WARWICK. James de Conlay (Caledonian Stores). "The extension and transfer of departments has necessitated another improvement, and now each branch of the business is linked to a central office by a cash railway system. This system, which is the handicraft of the Lamson Supply Co., Melbourne, was installed by the company's engineer, Mr. Douglas. Ten stations are provided for, and the receiving station is placed in the main building."Warwick Examiner, 6 Jun. 1908, p. 5
• "Great clearing sale at Caledonian Stores... Lamson Cash Railway Fittings." Warwick Examiner, 22 Feb. 1915, p. 8

WARWICK. Hyslops. "Sale of surplus plant... 1 only cash railway, catapult system, 5 stations, costs £70, for £20." Warwick Daily News, 24 Feb. 1937, p. 3

WARWICK. W.G. Johnson. "Mr. W. G. Johnson, merchant, is installing the cash railway system in his premises in Palmerin-street." Warwick Examiner and Times, 12 Nov. 1913, p. 5

WARWICK. People's Cash Stores, Palmerin Street. "The latest and most up-to-date labor saving devices have been installed in the premises of the People's Cash Stores, Palmerin-street. These installations consist of a 'Star' cash railway, and patent sliding ladders." Warwick Examiner, 20 Feb. 1918, p. 5
• "Cash railway, 3 stations, £45 [new?] For £10." Warwick Daily News, 18 Dec. 1936, p. 4

WARWICK. Pigott & Co. , Palmerin Street. "The firm, on the advice of Mr. P.J. Pigott, have had the rapid wire cash conveying system installed throughout these commodious warehouses - the Model Store, next the Post Office." Warwick Examiner and Times, 25 Dec. 1907, p. 8

starWINTON. Corfield & Fitzmaurice, 63 Elderslie Street. "The Corfield and Fitzmaurice store is rare for the intactness of its interior space complete with many fittings such as shelves, display cabinets and counters for a traditional range of merchandise organised into departments. In particular the cash railway, or flying fox dispenser, is a rare example in situ of money handling technology of the early twentieth century... The current 1916 building is the latest in a succession of Corfield and Fitzmaurice stores on the same site which established the main street of Winton... A cash railway, known as a 'flying fox', for transporting cash and receipts between the counter and a central timber office raised to mezzanine level still survives." Queensland Environmental Protection Agency website.
Store closed in 1987 and reopened by community group in 1994. Queensland Holidays website. Photograph at Boulder Opal Motor Inn website.



starBOONAH. Templin Historical Village. Cash carrier. Postcards website

starCHARTERS TOWERS. National Trust shop at Zara Clark Museum. From Pollards store - see above. Some carriages are replicas from Vivian Rush Specialty Engineering.

starMOUNT MORGAN. See above.


star indicates systems which are still there (as far as I know) though they may not be working.