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Locations - West Virginia

CHARLESTON. Diamond (dept. store) Built 1927 and now state offices. "Its five floors featured .. a pneumatic tube system to convey cash and receipts between sales stations and the central office." West Virginia Encyclopedia

CHARLESTON. J.C.Penny (dept. store), Capitol Street. "A sprinkler system and a Lampson [sic] cash carrier system are being installed. The Charleston store is number 1,479 in the Penny chain, the first having been established in Seattle." Charleston Gazette, 21 Jul. 1935, p.10

CLARKSBURG. Baker's. "N. Baker, the enterprising owner of the Baker underselling stores, has taken another big step in bringing his store up to the latest standard in the cities, by installing an air line basket system with six stations of the Lamson manufacture. The air line runs through the entire store with a central station, where three wrappers are required and the cashier has his office at this central station." Daily Telegram (Clarksburg), 25 Oct. 1907, p. 1

CLARKSBURG. Globe (dept. store), 327 W. Main Street. "Bankrupt sale... Fixtures for sale... Cash Register Carrier System." Clarksburg Daily Telegram, 17 May 1916, p. 29

CLARKSBURG. Parsons-Souders Co. D.W. Jacobs New Building, 224-226 Main Street. "Grand opening ... Latest improved cash and parcel carrier system." Clarksburg Telegram, 6 Mar. 1903, p. 2

FAIRMONT. J.M. Hartley & Son. "On Thursday, November 20, 1902, the new establishment was thrown open to the public... Ten floors are occupied, eight being devoted to selling... The store is equipped with an elevator and with a cash carrier system, reaching every floor." Bernard L.Butcher. Genealogical and personal history of the Upper Monogahela Valley, West Virginia (Genealogical Publ. Co., 1999) p. 1157

HUNTINGTON. Anderson-Newcomb (dept store). Cable system operating in 1913 and pneumatic tubes in 1937. (Reminiscences)
• "'Our recent dollar day gave us a real demonstration of what our new Lamson pneumatic tube system will do,' writes Mr. Chas. N. Anderson... 'No extra floor cashiers were used and yet everyone was delighted with the promptness and accuracy of the service rendered.' Dry Goods Review, Nov. 1921, p. 106

HUNTINGTON. H. Newman .. has a cash railway in his store. Ceredo Advance, 13 Oct. 1887, p. 3

MARTINSBURG. C.P. Herring. "Mr C.P. Herring has equipped his handsome store with the patent cash railway system." The World (Martinsburg), 9 Feb. 1893, p. 3

MARTINSBURG. Spillman Bros. (grocery and dry goods), Deatrick building. "They have installed a Lamson cable cash carrier system." Martinsburg Herald, 11 Feb. 1911, p. 2

WHEELING. A. L. Rice."The 'Elevated Cash Railway' .. has been adopted in all the large cities and towns east and west. For the past ten days workmen from Chicago have been engaged in putting up this system in two of our most enterprising business houses, the Messrs. George E. Stifel & Co., and A. L. Rice & Co. on Main street... Hollow balls of different sizes and colors, made in hemispheres, hold the money, and these balls are transmitted over the tracks with unerring regularity and precision." Wheeling Register, 27 Jan. 1883, p. 4

WHEELING. George M. Snook & Co. (dry goods), 1110-1114 Main Street. Pneumatic tube system, installed ca. 1902. Genealogy website
• "The building being erected will have five stories and a basement, and will be supplied with steam heat and elevator power, electric light and the pneumatic tube system of cash carrier service, the only one at the present time in the city of Wheeling." Gibson Lamb Cranmer. History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens (1902) p.509.

WHEELING. George E. Stifel. See A.L. Rice above.
• "We have for immediate disposal a Lampson [sic] Air Line system for carrying packaages and cash; 18 stations complete, with central station; also an elevated wrapper's and cashier's station; natural oak; good working condition. Wheeling Intelligencer, 12 Jan. 1921, p. 10

WHEELING. Stone & Thomas (dept. store). "Something entirely new in Wheeling will be the introduction of an electric cash railway, which will be put in next week. It will operate all over the building, and will carry the change from the most remote part of the building to the office in a few seconds." Wheeling Daiy Intelligencer, 7 Oct. 1896, p. 2
• 1030 Main Street. (Moved there in early 1950s.) Lamson cash carrier. Power was supplied by two 80 HP engines in the basement which also operated the elevators. ( Genealogy Foundation website)