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Locations - Vermont

BARRE. Co-operative Society. "The store will be one of the best equipped in the city... A cash railway system... One side of the store will be given to the meat, fruit and provision department, the other to groceries." Barre Daily Times, 18 Jun. 1903, p. 1

BATTLEBORO. Goodnow, Pearson and Hunt, Lower Main Street. "An added treat when shopping at Goodnow's was to watch the money container that snapped onto a wiring system and sped on its way from the counter to the cashier's office and back." Battleboro Historical Society. Battleboro remembers (Charleston SC: Arcadia, 2001) p.13. Includes photo of exterior.

BATTLEBORO. Houghton & Simonds. "Houghton & Simonds announce the grand opening of their remodelled, enlarged, and modenized store... We have installed a Lamson Cable Cash Carrier system which runs to every floor in the store." Vermont Phoenix, 24 Mar. 1905, p.5

ST ALBANS. Richardson, Twigg & Co. (dry goods), 148 Main Street. "This representative house was opened by the present firm in 1889... The business premises comprise two floors of 25 X 125 feet each, elegantly fitted up with .. the Lamson cash carrier system." A local newspaper quoted on Twiggs Gastropub website