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Locations - United States (Southwest)

States of: Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah.

DESERET, Utah. Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution. "The overhead cash system has been adopted in the grocery department of Z.C.M.I." Deseret News, 25 Apr. 1903, p.2. ZCMI was renamed Meier & Frank in 2001.

HONOLULU, Hi. Henry May & Co., Boston Building, 98 Fort Street. "Grand opening tonight of H.May & Co.'s new store... The office in the rear of the rooms is large... Over the cashier's desk is a network of wires and miniature cars of the cash acrrier system to be used." Honolulu Republican, 17 Nov. 1900, p.7

HONOLULU, Hi. Wall, Nichols Co. "The Wall, Nichols Co. house is closed till Monday to .. put in the cash carrier system." Hawaiian Star, 12 Dec. 1895

OGDEN, Utah. Wilcox-Harris-Schade (Modern Market). "The market .. is equipped with .. an automatic cable cash conveying system. The cash system is operated from the main office, located on an elevated floor at the eaxst end of the main floor... Two cashiers will be employed in the office." Ogden Standard, 8 Apr. 1916, p. 14

RENO, Nv. Monkey Wards, National Dollar Stores, Sears Roebuck. "All had creaky floors and air tubes that blew cash all over the store to a central cashier." ca. 1960. Reno Gazette-Journal 3 Dec. 2004.

ROSWELL, N.M. Price. "Price & Company have recently installed a new cash system which is the very latest in southeastern New Mexico. This is known as the Lamson Cable System and one that quickly and conveniently conveys and receives all cash transactions. The money boxes run and return on motor driven cables. The boxes run at a rate of 12 feet a second." Roswell Daily Record, 26 Apr.1927, p.8

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. Delmar Lunch Room (?). "Seven sections Lamson's cash carriers, cost new $45 each, sell for $15; Geo. D. Mateer, Delmar Lunch Room, 241 Main Street." (Not sure if this was the original location.) Salt Lake Tribune, 9 Mar. 1908, p. 7

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. The Paris Company, Main Street. "New air line cash system." Desert Evening News, 14 Sep. 1907, p. 10

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. Rowe & Kelly, 117 Main Street. "Three Air Line cash carrier stations, complete, almost new, Rowe & Kelly Co." Salt Lake Tribune, 30 Oct. 1909, p.13

SANTA FE, N.M. Santa Fe Hardware Supply Co. "The Santa Fe Hardware Supply Company has installed a cash carrier system which is one of the few in Santa Fe. It is a cleverly arranged scheme of running the cash to the office at the second story where A.E.P. Robinson presides." Santa Fe New Mexican, 28 Jul. 1911, p. 8

SANTA FE, N.M. ? "Santa Fe is becoming modernized. One of themerchants in that town has put in his store a cash railway." Western Liberal, 23 Dec. 1898, p. 2

WAILUKU, Hi. Maui Dry Goods and Grocery Co., Main Street. "A complete cash carrier system is already installed, the plant being of the latest type and put in by the Lamson Company, of San Francisco. There are five stations in the old and new building with the main office station centrally located." Maui News, 17 May 1913, p.1