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Locations - United States (Southwest)

States of: Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah.


Hibbards, Colorado Springs

ADA, Okla. Katz, Main Street. Wire system. 'Farngirlok' in posting to OKPONTOT-L list, 18/10/99

ADA, Okla. Shaws. "Shaw's big department store is installing a cash carrier system this week which is going to be a great improvement." Ada Evening News, 26 Oct. 1920, p.5

ARDMORE, Okla. C.R.Anthonys. Pneumatic tube system in late 40s/early 50s. "The kids were always in awe of the vacuum tubes that were used to pay for your purchases that whizzed around above head [sic] to the cashier box on the second floor. "This & That" News, 17 Aug. 2002 (letters)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. Hibbards (dept. store). "Your #9 Package Carriers were installed last December [when the building opened]... We have had years of experience with other systems." Testimonial of 23 January 1915 in a magazine advertisement. An illustration shows "a few of the 32 Lamson No. 9 Parcel and other carriers used in the store."
• The basket carrier was replaced with a pneumatic tube system in the early 1920s. Business closed in 1996. Photographs. Rob Hibbard via Robin Adcroft
• Pneumatic tube system recalled in Pax Vobiscum website

DESERET, Utah. Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution. "The overhead cash system has been adopted in the grocery department of Z.C.M.I." Deseret News, 25 Apr. 1903, p.2. ZCMI was renamed Meier & Frank in 2001.

DOUGLAS, Az. Levys Red Star store. "The Lamson cash basket system can be seen on overhanging wires in the Levy's Red Star Store, Douglas, Arizona, in about 1908." Caption in Hendrickson, p.50. There are two wires to each station.

EURIKA, Ca. Russ Market. "In 1853 the late Hon. Joseph Russ established the Russ Market... All of the separtments are connected with a central office by a cash railway system, thus facilitating the prompt rendering of accounts and correctness of bills." History and Business Directory of Humboldt County (Eureka: Hamm, 1890) p.195

FLAGSTAFF, Az. Babbit Brothers. Cash carrier installed in 1892. Coconino Sun, 10 March 1892, p.3

FORT COLLINS, Co. State Mercantile. "Salespeople in the State Mercantile company's store will not wrap your purchases. They will be sent by carrier baskets to the balcony, inspected, wrapped and sent back in a jiffy neatly done up. The inspection feature will insure for the customer the articles he has purchased and guard against any errors. What is known as the Lamson carrier system is used, the baskets and all fittings being of brushed brass to match the general metal fixtures. Fort Collins Courier, 13 Nov. 1907, p. 1

GLOBE, Az. W.W.Brookner. "W.W.Brookner & Co., one of Globe's progressive mercantile firms, .. have recently put in a cash carrier system of the latest pattern." Arizona Silver Belt, 8 Feb. 1900, p.8

HOLYOKE, Co. Tinkle, Williams & Co. "have put in a system of cash carriers in their store. This is another labor saving invention which will be highly appreciated by the clerks in hot weather." State Herald (Holyoke), 19 July 1889, p.1

HONOLULU, Hi. Henry May & Co., Boston Building, 98 Fort Street. "Grand opening tonight of H.May & Co.'s new store... The office in the rear of the rooms is large... Over the cashier's desk is a network of wires and miniature cars of the cash acrrier system to be used." Honolulu Republican, 17 Nov. 1900, p.7

HONOLULU, Hi. Wall, Nichols Co. "The Wall, Nichols Co. house is closed till Monday to .. put in the cash carrier system." Hawaiian Star, 12 Dec. 1895

KINGMAN, Az. Nickell & Co. "The recent improvements at Nickell and company's dry goods store places that establishment on a plane with the very best of stores in towns many times the size of Kingman... An up-to-date six basket parcel and cash carrier system has been installed." Mohane County Miner, 14 Oct. 1916, p.1

MORENCI, Az. Detroit Copper Company. "The store of the Detroit Copper Company was erected in 1900, and is 75x150 feet in ground dimensions. There are four stories... The Lamson electric endless cable system of cash carriers has been adopted throughout." Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona (Chapman Publishing)

MUSKOGEE, Okla. New Phoenix Clothing Co., Broadway and Fourth street. "A small office under the big stairway serves the basement and is connected to the main office by telephone and a Lawson [sic] consolidated cash carrier... The Lawson [sic] cash carrier, which connects the basement office to the main office of the store, is operated by a Holtzer Cabot half hp 235 rpm motor." Southern Electrician, 1 Oct. 1912, p.431

NORTH DENVER, Col. J.C.Penney, Chaffee Park shopping centre, 48th and Pecos. "When you gave the clerk your money, she put it in a pneumatic tube and sent it to the lone cashier, who sat in a windowed cage above the main entrance to the store." Dixie Darr in Salon Blogs, 3 Nov 2003.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. J.C.Penney. "The old J.C.Penney's store in Okla. City had a pneumatic tube system that, to me as a child, looked like it had been there since the civil war." Sally Cruikshank's blog

PHOENIX, Az. Goldwaters. Pneumatic tube system. Goldwaters moved to Phoenix in 1895. See Reminiscences

RENO, Nv. Monkey Wards, National Dollar Stores, Sears Roebuck. "All had creaky floors and air tubes that blew cash all over the store to a central cashier." ca. 1960. Reno Gazette-Journal 3 Dec. 2004.

ROSWELL, N.M. Price. "Price & Company have recently installed a new cash system which is the very latest in southeastern New Mexico. This is known as the Lamson Cable System and one that quickly and conveniently conveys and receives all cash transactions. The money boxes run and return on motor driven cables. The boxes run at a rate of 12 feet a second." Roswell Daily Record, 26 Apr. 1927, p.8

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. Rowe & Kelly, 117 Main Street. "Three Air Line cash carrier stations, complete, almost new, Rowe & Kelly Co." Salt Lake Tribune, 30 Oct. 1909, p.13

SANTA FE, NM. Santa Fe Hardware Supply Co. "July 30, 1911. The Santa Fe Hardware Supply Co. has installed a cash carrier system which is one of the few in Santa Fe. It is a cleverly arranged scheme of running the cash to the second story where A.E.P. Robinson presides." New Mexican website, 29 Jul. 2011

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Col. J.W.Hugus & Co., 912 Lincoln Avenue. Now Thiesen Mall. "One of the nation's first chain of general stores operating from 1879 until 1926... The various departments in this store were .. equipped with electric lights, cash carriers and other labor saving devices. Yamp Valley website

TOOMBSTONE, Ariz. Cananea. "The pneumatic tube system between the Chivarera branch and the main store of the Cananea stores has been completed and will hereafter be used in transmission of messages between these two stores." Toombstone Epitaph, 29 Jan. 1911

TRINIDAD, Col. Jamieson's (dep. store), 150 East Main Street. "The Jamiesons had equipped their store with a complex basket conveyor system that connected each department of the store... Clerks would put the money in a special change box and load it in a basket on the conveyor system to be sent to the central change station." (Jerry Stokes: A walk through the history of Trinidad, 1986). Store was founded in 1889 and closed in 1980s.

TUSCON, Az. Levy's. Pneumatic system with magnetic separator. Lamson advertisement in Chain Store Age, June 1949

WAILUKU, Hi. Maui Dry Goods and Grocery Co., Main Street. "A complete cash carrier system is already installed, the plant being of the latest type and put in by the Lamson Company, of San Francisco. There are five stations in the old and new building with the main office station centrally located." Maui News, 17 May 1913, p.1