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Locations - South Dakota




ABERDEEN. Olwin-Angell. "The air-line cash and package system has just been installed by an expert from a Chicago house. A wire basket, carrying cash and goods purchased, flies along wires from each of the eleven departments on the first floor to the cashier's and wrapper's desk, where all goods are carefully checked." Aberdeen Democrat, 16 Oct. 1903, p. 1

BROOKINGS. Ellis & Hall, Main Street. "A Lampson [sic] electric cable cash carrier system, with stations in every department, is a feature." Brookings Register, 3 Sep. 1914, p. 2

BROOKINGS. Penneys. "Penneys .. was then where Sioux River Bicycles and Fitness is now. In 1958, a Penney's clerk took the $10 bill I handed her, stuffed it in a little metal cup rigged to overhead wires and tracks, pulled a launching lanyard and sent it zipping off to a trusted cashier somewhere in the store's ether." Stubble Mulch website

DE SMET. Mallery Mercantile Co. "The Mallery Merc. Co. has put in one of the new fangled cash trolley systems. This will be a great saving of time and labor. The store is a half block long and a clerk waiting upon a customer at either end has had to take a walk of a half block to ring up his cash and make change. Miss Katie O'Hora will be the cashier." Kingsbury County Independent, 31 Aug. 1906, p. 5

HOT SPRINGS. S.C.Fargo & Son, 7th Street/Chicago Avenue. "Its ground dimension is 125x50 feet... The first floor is occupied by .. the Mercantile extablishment of S.C. Fargo & Son... This large firm covers .. a floor surface exceeding 6200 feet. The mercantile establishment is composed of nine separate departments... Every department is reached by the Barr Cash-Carrier System." Hot Springs Star, 22 May 1891, p. 3

HUDSON. C.H. Fitch "has added an Acme Cash Railway system to his store and had a cashier's office erected." Dakota Farmers Leader, 21 Feb. 1902, p. 1

MITCHELL. Letcher. "Letcher & Co. have moved into their new store on the old corner and have one of the finest extablishments in the west, with .. the patent Lamson cash system." Mitchell Capital, 27 Nov. 1885, p. 6

WATERTOWN. H.F.W. Schaller. "Main aisle in the store .. showing how Lamson Preferred Cable Carriers link every department with the Central Desk on the balcony. LAmson Cable Carriers are hung near the ceiling and occupy no valuable selling space." Dry Goods Reporter: Store Equipment and Window Display Monthly Section, 29 Jan. 1916, p. 6