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Locations - United States (South)

Including the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee

ALBEMARLE, N.C. Hardware store. "I had a job making change in the old hardware store building. They had pneumatic tubes that went from the cash registers back to the central office where they kept all the money." University of Maryland, School of Public Policy website

ALEXANDRIA, La. Central Hardware Co. "A Lamson cable system connects the cashier's office with all parts of the store." Southern Hardware and Implement Journal, 1 Feb. 1922, p. 32

ASHEVILLE, N.C. Fains dept. store, 15 Biltmore Ave. "The store used pneumatic tubes to send the money and sales slips to the second floor." Closed 1996. Univ. N. Carolina Oral Hist. Register

ASHEVILLE, N.C. McGraw (dry goods), 18 Patton Ave. "One of the few Lamson electric cash carriers to be established in the south has just been placed in .. McGraw Dry Goods Co." Asheville Citizen, 15 Apr. 1914, p.9

ATHENS, Ga. Michael Bros. Pneumatic tube system with automatic central station. Lamson advertisements in Credit World, vol. 10, no. 5, 1922, p.2 with photograph and Dry Goods Review, Dec. 1921, p. 103

ATLANTA, Ga. George Muse. Pneumatic tube system with automatic central station. Lamson advertisement in Credit World, vol. 10, no.5, 1922, p.2 with photograph

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. J.M.Floyd. "For sale... 4 station cash carrier system, air line, $20." Atlanta Constitution, 28 May 1908, p.12

BIRMINGHAM, Al. Loveman, Joseph and Loeb, 19th Street/3rd Avenue. "This is one of the few stores in the south using the Lamson Tube System. The great cost of putting it in ($15,000) is almost a prohibitory one. It, however, gives the customers the best service of any system in the world." Birmingham Age-Herald, 26 Jul. 1903, p. 31

BRECKENRIDGE, Ky. Wm. Vest & Sons. "The enterprising firm of Wm. Vest & Sons have just added a new and novel feature to their already good facilities for handling their business. It is the cash carrier system... The money is placed in a little cup, sent whizzing over the wires to the cashier in the rear of the store and in a minute's time it comes whizzing back." Breckenridge News, 19 Dec. 1894, p.5

BRISTOL, Ga. Kings (dept. store). "I also remember the money tubes that they would shoot from all over the store. Seems like there were some loud bells that would ring when the tubes were being sent...???" Betsy in posting to Dog Daze blog, 7/2/10

BRUNSWICK, Ga. C.E. Cook, 507 Gloucester Street. "Wanted - To sell a three-station air line cash and package carrier system. Brunswick News, 18 Mar. 1909, p. 4

BURLINGTON, N.C. Sellars (dept. store). "My first job was in the 'tube room' at Sellars Dept. Store in Burlington. Several of us sat in the windowless room and when people made purchases in the store, the money and the sales ticket came up to us in a pneumatic tube." Jbass2 in posting to WRAL blog, 11/1/10

CHARLESTON, S.C. Kerrison Dry Goods Co. "This new and improved Lamson central pneumatic tube station, as recently installed in the store of the Kerrison Dry Goods Co., Charleston, South Carolina, brings the advantages of the Lamson belt type central station to the store of moderate size. The design of the station permits all sales to be handled with uniform speed, as transactions are cared for in the consecutive order in which they are received. The system is very flexible, handling charge and all other sales with equal facility. The number of cashiers and authorizers is esily adjusted to the load." Dry Goods Review, Jul. 1921, p. 131 (with photograph)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. Diamond (dept. store) Built 1927 and now state offices. "Its five floors featured .. a pneumatic tube system to convey cash and receipts between sales stations and the central office." West Virginia Encyclopedia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. J.C.Penny (dept. store), Capitol Street. "A sprinkler system and a Lampson [sic] cash carrier system are being installed. The Charleston store is number 1,479 in the Penny chain, the first having been established in Seattle." Charleston Gazette, 21 Jul. 1935, p.10

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Ed Mellon Clothing, West Trade. Pneumatic tube system. AtHome Charlotte website

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Belks, East Trade Street. Cable system, described and illustrated in Covington. The system was noisy and there were occasional derailments. In 1927, after a $750,000 expansion, the system was replaced with 3.5 miles of pneumatic tubes. Photograph of interior showing Lamson system at Belk website

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Gattling Dry Goods Co. "Recently the Gattling Dry Goods Company have had installed in their store the most modern method of the Lamson System in cable carriers. With this improvement the company is now prepared to carry on its business with greater speed... The new method, the Lamson preferred, .. is their latest invention along this line. The carriers used in this method are propelled along an endless wire by a motor... Mr. George A. Andrews, the inventor of this improved method, has been in Charlotte for the last week stopping at the Mecklenburg hotel. He is on a tour of inspection among the leading cities whose stores use this method." Charlotte News, 9 Apr. 1914, p.2

CLARKSBURG, W.Va Baker's. "N. Baker, the enterprising owner of the Baker underselling stores, has taken another big step in bringing his store up to the latest standard in the cities, by installing an air line basket system with six stations of the Lamson manufacture. The air line runs through the entire store with a central station, where three wrappers are required and the cashier has his office at this central station." Daily Telegram (Clarksburg), 25 Oct. 1907, p. 1

CLARKSBURG, W.Va Globe (dept. store), 327 W. Main Street. "Bankrupt sale... Fixtures for sale... Cash Register Carrier System." Clarksburg Daily Telegram, 17 May 1916, p. 29

CLARKSBURG, W.Va Parsons-Souders Co. D.W. Jacobs New Building, 224-226 Main Street. "Grand opening ... Latest improved cash and parcel carrier system." Clarksburg Telegram, 6 Mar. 1903, p. 2

COLUMBUS, Miss. Simon Loeb & Bro. "Lamson carriers are indispensable... About three years ago we built our new store... We installed the the Lamson Carrier System for cash and packages - every department being conected with the central station where all merchandise sold is sent to be checked and wrapped. This system places the cash receipts and the charges under the supervision and responsibility of one person... This reduces to a minimum the chance of errors .. a sufficient reason for the adoption of the Lamson Cash and Parcel Carrier." Dry Goods Review p. 168

CONWAY, Ark. W. M. Harrell. "The first Conway store to install a cash-carrier system will be that [of] W.M. Harrell & Co... This progressive firm is now putting in a system of cash carriers, which will enable them to handle a considerably larger volume of business with the same force of salespeople. The cashier's office wil be located in the rear of the dry goods department and seven stations will lead to this office." Log Cabin Democrat (Conway). 11 Aug. 1911, p. 1

COVINGTON, Ten. Covington Supply Company. "A cable cash carrier system, connecting with every department of the Covington Supply Company, is being installed this week... Heretofore baskets were used in conveying cash and merchandise to the office for change and wrapping. Now the wrapping will be done by salesmen at the various counters instead. The new system is a modern device and the only one of its kind in Covington." Covington Leader, 19 Jan. 1922, p. 1

DANVILLE, Ky. Hub Frankel store. Wire system. "Kind of like a slingshot... They had these little silver cups that ran on a rope." Advocate-Messenger website

DURHAM, N.C. Baldwins dept. store, 107 W. Main Street. Opened in 1911, rebuilt in 1929 after a fire and expanded in 1931. Interior view shows what appears to be a cable system. "Durham's premier department store" - now converted into appartments. "Baldwin also installed a pneumatic tube system throughout the building to transport receipts and other documents from floor to floor." Baldwin Lofts website

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. Chesson's department store, Main Street. "The department store, purchased by the Chesson family in the early 1900s, featured a rare high-speed cord-and-wheel cash carrier, designed to literally transport cash back to an office. That feature will be preserved in the new council headquarters." [It is to be the office of the Pasquotank Arts Council.] Images of Elizabeth City, 2005 and Heartland website.

FAIRMONT, W.Va. J.M. Hartley & Son. "On Thursday, November 20, 1902, the new establishment was thrown open to the public... Ten floors are occupied, eight being devoted to selling... The store is equipped with an elevator and with a cash carrier system, reaching every floor." Bernard L.Butcher. Genealogical and personal history of the Upper Monogahela Valley, West Virginia (Genealogical Publ. Co., 1999) p. 1157

FISHER, La. Louisiana Central Lumber Company. "A complete cash carrier system facilitates the handling of the work. This is one of the first stores in any lumber town to put in a cash carrier system." American Lumberman, 9 May 1903, p. 80

FLORENCE, Ala. Rogers. "Modern in every detail... Pneumatic tube cash system, for speedier service." [In new building.] Alabama Courier, 5 Sep. 1946, p. 10

FORT GAINES, Ga. George Irwin. "For sale - Bar [sic] cash carrier, good as new, run only short time. Geo.R.Irwin, Fort Gaines, Ga." Atlanta Constitution, 20 Apr. 1905, p.16

GREENVILLE, S.C. Belks. "I remember department stores having this when I was growing up, Ivey’s and Belks in Greenville did." Phil Ashley in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

GREENVILLE, S.C. Bon Marche. "For sale. Four Lamson cash carrier system, practically new." Atlanta Constiution, 17 Aug. 1912, p.10

GREENVILLE, S.C. Iveys. See Greenville. Belks

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. Pattersons (dept. store), Fourth Avenue/Main Street. "Overhead a modern cash trolley connecting the cashier's desk with every part of the store is kept busy handling its load of money." French Broad Hustler, 27 Mar. 1919, p. 1

HICKORY, N.C. Efirds. "When I sold an item, I wrote the information on a ticket... I took the item and ticket to the person at the wrapping desk. She put the ticket and the money in a cylinder and pulled a cord. The vacuum in the pneumatic tube pushed the cylinder to the office where the clerk returned change and marked the ticket paid." Mimi Correll Cerniglia. Mimi and her world. (Authorhouse, 2010) p. 52

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Bassett & Co., North Main Street. Building opened in 1894. Three stories and basement, 30 X 110 feet. Fifteen salesmen. "The whole store is truly modern .. the parcel and cash carrier being by no means the least of the service." Hopkinsville Kentuckian, 6 Aug. 1897, p.14

HUNTINGTON, W Va. Anderson-Newcomb (dept store). Cable system operating in 1913 and pneumatic tubes in 1937. (Reminiscences)
• "'Our recent dollar day gave us a real demonstration of what our new Lamson pneumatic tube system will do,' writes Mr. Chas. N. Anderson... 'No extra floor cashiers were used and yet everyone was delighted with the promptness and accuracy of the service rendered.' Dry Goods Review, Nov. 1921, p. 106

HUNTINGTON, W Va. H. Newman .. has a cash railway in his store. Ceredo Advance, 13 Oct. 1887, p. 3

JENNINGS, La. G.H. Morse and Sons. "G.H.Morse and Sons are putting in a cash carrier system in connection with the three stores with Miss Ida Shear as cash girl." Jennings Daily Record, 24 May 1902

JOHNSON CITY, Ten. Kings (dept. store), South Roan and East Main Streets. "The clerk would place the sales slip and tendered cash or check in a cylinder and place it in one of two tubes. It would then travel by vacuum in a pipe that ran above the store to a cashier who removed it, counted the money, put in the proper change and returned the missile in a second tube to the salesperson’s station.” Johnson City Press, 31/10/11

JOHNSON CITY, Ten. Penneys. "The much-anticipated new ultra-modern Penny's department store opened its doors at 305 E. Main Street in August 1948... Penney's used the suction tube system prevalent in department stores of that era. If a sales clerk needed extra cash or a customer receipt, he or she put money or a sales slip into a tube, placed it in the suction pipe and sent it to the main cashier on the mezzanine level. The person at the other end would fill the request, put it back in a tube, insert it in the suction pipe and return it to the appropriate counter." Bob Cox's Yesteryear website

KINGSPORT, Tenn. Montgomery-Ward. "Montgomery-Ward and Company announced .. that the cash carrier system in the store has been replaced with a speedier and more efficient system." Kingsport Times, 8 Feb. 1938, p.6

KINGSPORT, Tenn. Penneys. "Renewed Penney store will stage reopening tomorrow... One of the many improved [conveniences] of the store is the [installation] of the Lamson Cable Cash System." Kingsport Times, 26 Sep. 1935, p.4

LOUISVILLE, Ky. Belknap Hardware Manufacturing Co. "The eight elevators, the pneumatic tube system .. and automatic conveying machinery .. are practically completed." Hardware Dealers' Magazine, 1 Oct. 1923, p. 34

LYNCH, Ky. United States Coal & Coke Co. "This building is fitted up like a city department store... The cash-carrier system shown above saves steps and makes it possible to keep a record of every transaction as made." Coal Age, 10 Jun. 1926, p. 832. (Photograph looks like a cable system.)

MARTINSBURG, W. Va. C.P. Herring. "Mr C.P. Herring has equipped his handsome store with the patent cash railway system." The World (Martinsburg), 9 Feb. 1893, p. 3

MARTINSBURG, W. Va. Spillman Bros. (grocery and dry goods), Deatrick building. "They have installed a Lamson cable cash carrier system." Martinsburg Herald, 11 Feb. 1911, p. 2

MAXEY'S, Ga. "A store". Lamson wire carrier. Town(?) "was wiped out by the Bole Weevil in the 30's". "The office had a five bay receiving station which could handle five different points of sale." Sale on Ebay closing 23 Apr. 2006

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Goldsmiths. "Yes, I remember the pneumatic tubes. Lowensteins, Goldsmiths and even the mid-town Sears had them." Patricia Turpin in the Department Store Museum website.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Lowenstein. See Goldsmiths.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Menken's. "Greatest curiosity of the age! Menken's have to-day in complete running order, Lamson's cash railway. Everyone is cordially invited to see the workings of this remarkable invention." Memphis Daily Journal, 12 Jun. 1884, p. 4

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Sears. See Goldsmiths.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Stratton-Warren Hardware. "We had one of these at Stratton-Warren Hardware Co." James E. Hathcock in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

MENA, Ark. Lochridge Dry Goods Co. "is having added and today installed to their store four new air line carrier baskets. He has had a system of nine baskets in for some time." Mena Weekly Star, 10 Jan. 1907, p. 8

MERIDIAN, Miss. Marks-Rothenburg. Pneumatic tube system. "Closed in 1990. Building is now a conference center and entertainment venue." Betsy Elizabeth Bosarge Ross in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

MIAMI, Fl. Burdines. Pneumatic tube system. Photograph in Hammond

MONROE, Ga. Aycocks. Photograph of Lamson Preferred Cable system in 1924 donated to Monroe Museum. Monroe Museum facebook page, 11/6/15

MONROE, N.C. Belk Bros. "A basket package delivery system has been put in at Belk Bros. store to take the place of the numerous cash boys on the floor. The baskets are arranged in the manner of the usual cash railway system, and conveys the packages, along with the money, to a central station to be wrapped and returned to the salesman." Monroe Journal, 5 Oct. 1915, p. 5

MOUNT STERLING, Ky. Chiles Thompson Grocery Co., South Maysville Street. Four stories including basement. "A Bar [sic] cash carrier has been provided, making this the most convenient store-room in the State." Mt. Sterling Advocate, 28 Jan. 1896, p. 10

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Grimes and Gilberts. "Wire baskets that carried what you bought on overhead wires to the office to be sacked." E.D.Thompson. Nashville nostalgia. Nashville: Westview, 2003, p.242

NASHVILLE, Tenn. McClure's. Fascinating. I remember these systems, but nothing on this scale. McClure's, 1960's, Nashville. Dolly Prenzel in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

NEW ORLEANS, La. Adler, 718-20 and 722 Canal Street. Founded in 1897 and built in 1908. "Adler's is another store that still uses pneumatic tubes in sales transactions." Mary Lou Widmer. New Orleans in the twenties. (Gretna LA: Pelican, 1993), p. 177

NEW ORLEANS, La. Krauss (dept. store), Canal Street. "Had them [pneumatic tubes] until they closed about 5 years ago." (Posting to alt.religion.kibology, 3 Nov. 2001). Also "RedPop4" in posting to The Fedora Lounge, 20/6/06.
"Krauss still uses pneumatic tubes for sales transactions involving Krauss credit cards and it's not just to keep things 'old-fashioned' looking. It is also fast and efficient. According to manager John Cecil, the tube takes the credit card and sales slip to the Tube Room, where a computer monitor calls up the customer's account number and approves the sale. The receipt is then returned to the department." Mary Lou Widmer. New Orleans in the twenties. (Gretna LA: Pelican, 1993), p. 177

OCALA, Fla. Hayes & Guyan. "Messrs. Hayes & Guyan have just installed a new Lamson cash system in their popular drygoods store." Ocala Evening Star, 5 Dec. 1913, p. 2

OCALA, Fla. Ocala Bargain House. "Mr. B. Goldman is having a very complete Lamson's cash system installed in his new store, the Ocala Bargain House." Ocala Evening Star, 17 Oct. 1914, p. 5

OXFORD, Miss. Neilsons (dept. store), The Square. Used a wire line basket system for many years. Present owner's father, William Lewis Snr., received the baskets. Gene Davidson

PADUCAH, Ky. W.K. Poage, 317 Broadway. "The following fixtures for sale... 2 Air Line cash and bundle carriers." Paducah Sun, 4 May 1905, p. 8

PALM BEACH, Fla. Gene Smith. "Gene Smith has installed a new Lampson [sic] cash carrying system in his store on Clematis avenue, which he expects will increase the efficiency of his clerical force... This system is used in many of the modern stores of this city... Four stations have been installed, one being about 75 feet from the cashier's desk." Palm Beach Post, 1 Dec. 1921, p.8

PARIS, Ky. H.M.Collins & Co. "Yesterday placed the Barr Cash Carrier system in their dry goods store. It works perfectly and will be a valued improvement." Bourbon News, 5 Sep. 1899, p. 5

RALEIGH, N.C. Sherwood Higgs and Co. "Again Raleigh leads all other cities in the State in new enterprises. The first Cable Cash Carrier introduced in North Carolina was put in by Sherwood Higgs and Company in their large store yesterday. The system is the 'Lamson Perfection Cable Cash Carrier,' made by 'The Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company,' of Lowell, Mass. Mr D.M. Patterson, Baltimore office, Atlantic Trust Building, is the Southern agent... This cable cash carrier is run by an electric motor and contains ten stations. The wheels make 270 revolutions per minute and it takes less than five seconds for the cash box to reach the home station or cashier's desk from the furthest station in the store... The Cash Carrier was installed by operators T.C. Sauerwein and J.P. Treanor, of Baltimore, Md." News and Observer (Raleigh), 7 Nov. 1900, p. 5

RALEIGH, N.C. D.T. Swindell. "This magnificent store will be two hundred and ten feet long, thirty five feet wide, [and] has Lamson's Cash Railway. State Chronicle (Raleigh), 23 Jul. 1891, p. 8

RALIEGH, N.C. W.H. & R.S. Tucker, Fayetteville to Wilmington Street. "A cash railway system and other conveniences .. have been added." State Chronicle (Raleigh), 8 Sep. 1887, p. 3

RAYNE, La. Mervine Kahn. "I so well remember putting the money for our purchases in the tubes and sending them upstarirs." Corinne Cook

ROGERS, Ark. Stroud's., 116 W. Walnut Street. "I remember Mr. Stroud sitting up on the mezzanine while the money went up and down the chutes." The clerks downstairs put the money in tubes like drive-through banks today. The money would go up the tube, and Stroud would make change and send the canister back down to the clerk and customer." Arkansas Online website

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. Willson-Chase. "The Willson-Chase company has installed a cable carrier system for communication between the clerk and the office that is a decided feature in St. Petersburg, this being the only one in use here thus far. It is known as the Lamson Preferred Cable Cash Carrier system. Instead of the unsightly overhead flyers, the new system is concealed in the regular furnishings of the store rooms... A feature of the system is that this box goes directly to the cashier's desk in the office, arriving either from the bottom or from above... This system communicates with the office from every floor in the building that is occupied by the company." The Evening Independent (St Petersburg) , 12 Dec. 1914, p. 21
• "The system in the Willson-Chase store is the first Lamson system to be installed in St. Petersburg. The installation is in charge of F.E. Pomroy, of the Atlanta branch of the Lamson company." St Petersburg Daily Times, 13 Dec. 1914, p. 26

SAVANNAH, Ga. Adlers, corner of Bull and Broughton streets. "When we shopped at Adler's, the clerks would put the money in a little glass case and send it upstairs in a tube to the cashier. The tube was similar to what you see nowadays at a bank's drive-in window." Polly Powers Stramm. The Savannah: from Ardsley Park to Twickenham and beyond. (Charleston SC: History Press, 2009)

SAVANNAH, Ga. Hogans (dept. store) "Another treat was watching Grandma write customers' sales slips, take their money, and shoot it up to the accounting department via a vacuum tube. The customer patiently waited until the tube mysteriously reappeared, containing their receipt and change." Dog Daze blogspot 7/2/10

SPRINGDALE, Ark. Springdale Cash Dry Goods Co. "has installed the Lamson air line cash carrier in their establishment, the first of the kind in the town... The Cash Dry Goods Company has four stations." Springdale News, 12 Jun. 1908, p. 1

SUMTER, S.C. J.C.Penney. "The JCPenney store downtown had a pneumatic system." The Item (Sumter), 13 Jun. 2002, p. 1B.

SUMTER, S.C. Sumter Dry Goods, SE corner of Main and Liberty. "It used to have a central cashier system that sent a cup along a wire with the receipt and money to the office while the clerk wrapped the package." The Item (Sumter), 13 Jun. 2002, p. 1B.

SUWANEE, Fla. John Brogdon, Main Street. "John Brogdon built what was called 'the largest store between Gainesville and Atlanta' where he sold food, clothing, coffins, farm equipment and practically everything else. The three-story [sic] building, the first in the county, had a pulley system that sent sales slips and money from the first to the third floor, where the cashier worked. Like many wooden buildings on Main Street, the store later burned. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 21 Sep. 2003

TAMPA, Fla. Maas Bros. Pneumatic tube system with automatic central station. Lamson advertisement in Credit World, vol. 10, no.5, 1922, p.2 with photograph

starTUPELO, Miss. R.W.Reeds (dept. store), 131 Main Street. Opened in 1905. Pneumatic tube system not in use since blower gave out but tubes still visible. Was still being used in 1970s. Gene Davidson

TUSCALOOSA, Al. Allen & Jamison (hardware), Greensboro Ave. and 7th Street. "One interesting item in the store that will be kept is the pneumatic tube cash system. Remembering this, I can recall how it worked. When I into the store to purchase the yarn I gave the money in cash to the sales lady. She took the money for the yarn and wrapped the receipt around it and then placed it in a small cylinder about the size of a small can of frozen orange juice can. Then she placed the cylinder in the pneumatic tube and pressed a button and the cylinder and money was send zooming up and down to the pneumatic system to a central place where the cashier was located. There were about ten of these tubes.
The cashier was kept busy making change and sent it back to the appropriate department via the tube system. Of course this took a little bit of time, waiting for your change. I have to remember that in those days we did not used credit card or write checks.
Allen & Jemison now will become Tuscaloosa Cultural Arts Center. It will house art galleries, space for rehearsals and other cultural space needs." Alabama Pioneers website

WALTHAM, Fla. J. C.Penny's, corner of Moody and Pine Streets. "Penny's used the Lamson Cash Railway". Waltham Museum website

WHEELING, W.Va. A. L. Rice."The 'Elevated Cash Railway' .. has been adopted in all the large cities and towns east and west. For the past ten days workmen from Chicago have been engaged in putting up this system in two of our most enterprising business houses, the Messrs. George E. Stifel & Co., and A. L. Rice & Co. on Main street... Hollow balls of different sizes and colors, made in hemispheres, hold the money, and these balls are transmitted over the tracks with unerring regularity and precision." Wheeling Register, 27 Jan. 1883, p. 4

WHEELING, W.Va. George M. Snook & Co. (dry goods), 1110-1114 Main Street. Pneumatic tube system, installed ca. 1902. Genealogy website
• "The building being erected will have five stories and a basement, and will be supplied with steam heat and elevator power, electric light and the pneumatic tube system of cash carrier service, the only one at the present time in the city of Wheeling." Gibson Lamb Cranmer. History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens (1902) p.509.

WHEELING, W.Va. George E. Stifel. See A.L. Rice above.
• "We have for immediate disposal a Lampson [sic] Air Line system for carrying packaages and cash; 18 stations complete, with central station; also an elevated wrapper's and cashier's station; natural oak; good working condition. Wheeling Intelligencer, 12 Jan. 1921, p. 10

WHEELING, W.Va. Stone & Thomas (dept. store). "Something entirely new in Wheeling will be the introduction of an electric cash railway, which will be put in next week. It will operate all over the building, and will carry the change from the most remote part of the building to the office in a few seconds." Wheeling Daiy Intelligencer, 7 Oct. 1896, p. 2
• 1030 Main Street. (Moved there in early 1950s.) Lamson cash carrier. Power was supplied by two 80 HP engines in the basement which also operated the elevators. ( Genealogy Foundation website)

WHITMIRE, S.C. C.H. Cooper Co. "The store is a big double building... Modern cash register and cash railway system is employed to facilitate business." Herald and News (Newberry SC), 3 Dec. 1915, p.17

WILMINGTON, N.C. Efirds (dept. store). "The cylinder was placed in a pneumatic tube and sent to a central cashier." Ann Hewlett Hutteman. Wilmington, North Carolina, p.36. The building was constructed in 1906 and is now the Self-Help Center

WILMINGTON, N.C. Big Racket Store, 208 and 210 North Front Street. "It is a pleasure to me to .. hear the cash railway going on lighting [sic] speed." Semi-Weekly Messenger (Wilmington), 29 Jun. 1900, p. 3

WINNSBORO, S.C. "Caldwell & Ruff have put up a cash railway in their store. This is a great convenience to the clerks." Fairfield News and Herald (Winnsboro), 9 Nov. 1898, p. 3

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. Morrisetts (dept. store). Store opened around 1900. Wire system still in use when store sold in 1947. The store was a two-storey L-shaped building with the mezzanine at the vertex of the L. The cashier was located on the mezzanine and served both floors. Probably eight lines on each floor. Peter Morrisett

star indicates systems which are still there (as far as I know) though they may not be working.