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ALBION. J.C. Penney. "When customers purchased items from J. C. Penney stores with balconies—such as stores in Albion, Falls City, Fremont, Kearney, or Scottsbluff—the sales clerk would take the customer’s money and place it with a bill of sale, inside a closed container attached to a cable line. The container would then be cabled up to the balcony overlooking the sales floor, where another associate would retrieve the cash before sending the container back down with a receipt and correct change." Nebraska History blog

BEATRICE. William Wiebe. "For sale at once... 8 Lamson rapid and two air line cash carrier stations... Reason for selling, have gone out of the retail dry goods business." Omaha Daily Bee, 27 Jul. 1915

FALLS CITY. J.C. Penney. See ALBION: J.C. Penney

FREMONT. Gus Gumpert. "Must liquidate department store stock and fixtures... Air line carriers." Omaha Daily Bee, 23 Apr. 1922, p. 28

FREMONT. J.C. Penney. See ALBION: J.C. Penney

HOLDREGE. F. Johnson. "They have always been believers in centralization and have long used Lamson carriers. As their growing business recently compelled themto improve their store service they installed an up-to-date system of Lamson Electric Cable Carriers connecting every department with a central cash desk on the balcony." Dry Goods Economist: Store Service and Equipment Section, 28 Oct. 1916, p. 52

KEARNEY. J.C. Penney. See ALBION: J.C. Penney

LEXINGTON. C.C. Banks. "The C.C. Banks store in Lexington, NE, also used one [pneumatic tube system]." Katheryn M. Hollander in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

LEXINGTON. J.M. McDonalds. "The J.M. McDonalds used one of these [pneumatic tube system]." Katheryn M. Hollander in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

LINCOLN. Famous (?) "For sale - Three station air line, cash and package carrier at the Famous corner 13th and O." Nebraska State Journal, 16 Nov. 1910, p.11

LINCOLN. Herpolsheimer & Co. (High Class Millinery). "Our pneumatic tube system will be in operation in a short time." Courier (Lincoln), 16 Apr. 1898, p.7
• "Wir haben das grösste berartige System westlich von Chicago." Nebraska Staats-Anzeiger, 2 Jun. 1898, p. 5

LINCOLN. Ruge and Gundells (dept. store), North Street/12th-13th streets. "A pneumatic tube system carries bills and cash from all parts of the building to the cashiers department in the basement." Alliance (Nebraska) Herald, 28 Aug. 1919, p. 14
• "She worked after school during high school as a cashier in the basement (money tubes were sent down for change, and she sent the money back to the store floor)." website

McCOOK. Brown McDonald. "We always hoped her shopping would take her to the J.C. Penney store, the Brown McDonald Store and DeGroff's Department Store... These three stores had what was called a 'Rapid Wire System' that was used in making change for a customer's purchase." Jeanne Boyle Oldweiler. The ant hill challenge: a collection of stories about growing up in southwestern Nebraska during the 1940s and 1950s. (Bloomington IN: AuthorHouse, 2008) p.106. [In the USA they were more likely to be an Air-Line system.]

McCOOK. DeGroff (dept. store). See McCOOK. Brown McDonald.

McCOOK. J.C. Penney. See McCOOK. Brown McDonald.

NORTH PLATTE. The Leader. "The cable cash carrier at The Leader was completed yesterday and placed in service." North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune, 17 Oct. 1916, p.1

OMAHA. Mrs J. Benson (fancy dry goods and notions), 210-212 South Fifteenth Street. "Mrs Benson now employs constantly thirteen salesladies and help. She occupies a double store and basement which is 50x60 feet in size... She uses the cash railway system." Pen and sunlight sketches of Omaha and environs (Chicago: Phoenix, 1892) p. 114

OMAHA. W.R. Bennett, 1508-1514 Capital Ave. "The cash railway system has been introduced." Pen and sunlight sketches of Omaha and environs (Chicago: Phoenix, 1892) p. 84

OMAHA. Brandeis. "One of my earliest memories is shopping with my mother at the large Brandeis department store in Omaha, Nebraska, and watching that money get put in a tube and whooshed away to some place out of sight. We would wait with our cashier until the carrier reappeared with our receipt and change." Old Stuff website

OMAHA. George Brooks, 16th/Harney Streets. "Must be sold at once... Cash register, safe and Lamson's cash carrier air line system." Omaha Daily Bee, 25 Dec. 1913, p. 12

OMAHA. Burgess-Nash. Pneumatic tube system with charge authorisers' station. Lamson advertisement in Credit World, vol. 10, no.7, 1922, p.2 with photograph.

OMAHA. A. Cruikshanks & Co., 1505-1509 Douglas Street. "In 1888 he became the sole proprietor and erected his present magnificent building... It is of brick, three stories and basement in height, and 66x132 feet in dimensions. All modern improvements have been introduced, including the .. cash railway system." Pen and sunlight sketches of Omaha and environs (Chicago: Phoenix, 1892) p. 147

OMAHA. H. Hardy & Co. (importers and jobbers of toys, fancy goods, etc.), 1319 Farnam Street. "The premises occupied comprise a superior three-story and basement building 25x130 feet in area, fitted up with every convenience, cash railway." Pen and sunlight sketches of Omaha and environs (Chicago: Phoenix, 1892) p. 121

OMAHA. Hayden Bros., 102-112 Sixteenth Street. "This extensive and flourishing business was established ten years ago by Messrs William, Joseph and Edward Hayden, who are now conducting the largest establishment of the kind west of Chicago... Their cash railway system has 100 stations." Pen and sunlight sketches of Omaha and environs (Chicago: Phoenix, 1892) p. 104

OMAHA. Kelley, Stiger & Co. Farnham and Fifteenth Streets. "This flourishing and extensive business was established six years ago by Messrs. Geo. W. Kelley and Adam S. Stiger... They occupy two spacious floors and a basement, each being 50x132 feet in area, fully equipped with all modern appliances .. cash railway." Pen and sunlight sketches of Omaha and environs (Chicago: Phoenix, 1892) p. 106

OMAHA. S.P. Morse, Farnam/16th Street. "One of the greatest innovations is the Lamson consolidated cash carrier system and cable service for cash and packages which has been put into the house by W.A. Allger, the company's Omaha agent, and George E. Hemrich, the company's constructor... In Morse's, tow cashiers in the main officeon the first floor handle all the money, the different lines radiating through the building converging here. It is operated by a diminutive motor and executes its duties in a quiet, safe and expeditious manner... It runs fifteen feet a second, and is entirely free from dust, noise or confusion of any kind." Omaha Daily Bee,25 Sep. 1890, p. 8

OMAHA. Thompson, Belden & Co. "See the pneumatic tube cash system, the only one in the city." Omaha Daily Bee, 30 Sep. 1906, p. 2

SCOTTSBLUFF. J.C. Penney. See ALBION: J.C. Penney

WEEPING WATER. Eugene L. Reed's, corner of I and Randolph Streets. "Mr Reed was the first merchant in Weeping Water to have a cash carrier placed in his store, and which for some time was regarded with a great deal of curiosity, being quite an innovation upon the old system." Building was erected in 1868. Portrait and biographical album of Otoe and Cass Counties, Nebraska (Chicago: Chapman Bros, 1889) p.910

YORK. Brown McDonald (dept. store). "Where the York State Bank is now, used to be the Brown McDonald Department store. They had .. pneumatic tubes to put customers money in, then it would 'whiz' to the office, and the office would send the change back to the clerk." (Floridagal posting to York News forum, 8/2/05)