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Locations - North Dakota




COOPERSTOWN. Whidden & Koyl. "The enterprising firm of Whidden & Koyl are installing a cash railway system in their store... You pass your money at one end store, it is placed in a nice little box and presto! change! away it flies to the good looking cash girl .. who makes your change and sends it flying back to you... This new arrangement is not dangerous and won't bite but is just an up-to-date way of conducting business." Griggs Courier (Cooperstown), 20 Feb. 1902, p. 5

DEVILS LAKE. Stoughton & Chamberlin. "Stoughton & Chamberlin have recently put in the Lamson cash railway system." Devils Lake Inter-ocean, 7 Apr. 1888, p. 1

DICKINSON. Reed Bros. "The Lamson cash carrier system was installed the past week in the Reed Bros. department store, Mr. Newell, an expert from Omaha, doing the work. Ten stations lead to the main office, nine from the grocery and dry goods departments and one from the basement." Dickinson Press, 27 May 1916, p. 3

FARGO. Black's. "We are now installing the latest improved 'Lamson' Cable Cash System, an will soon be in position to give you still better service." Fargo Forum, 2 Oct. 1918, p. 5

FARGO. De Lendrecie's (dept. store). "It was a relic of the 19th century, even in 1966 - the two-story atrium with the mezzanine, the pneumatic tubes whizzing metal pills through tubes, landing in the basket with a whoosh and a plonk." The Bleat website, 1997. Built in 1889 and now offices. "The hiss and thump of a message arriving via pneumatic tube." James Lileks, A rich boyhood in the plain void. American Enterprise, July/Aug. 2004, p.31. Air tubes installed in 1930. Sold to Mercantile Stores Co. in 1955 and moved in 1972. In-Forum website

FARGO. Herbst, 16 Broadway. (New building opened in 1898.) Cable system shown in 1915 photograph of showroom. Trista Raezer and John Hallberg. Herbst Department Store. (Images of America) Charleston SC: Arcadia, 2015, p. 23

FARGO. Moodys, Broadway. "I remember the little cages that carried the money on wires up to the business office for change. I recall the clicking quite clearly." The business moved to the Front Street location at the foot of Broadway in 1884. Moody sold the business in 1940 and in 1961 it became Sgutt-Moodys. The building was razed in 1966. In-Forum 7 Aug. 2004.

starHEBRON. Hebron Historical and Art Society, Lincoln Avenue & South Park Street. "We have many unique items such as .. a Lamson cash carrier demonstration." [It is not stated in what way this is unique.] North Dakota tourism website

JAMESTOWN. Pearce & Orlady. "Manager Bennett of the Lamson Store Service Co., of Minneapolis, was in the city yesterday superintending the placing of a new cash carrier system in the big store of Pearce & Orlady. It is a complete device and has stations in nearly every part of the store." Jamestown Weekly Alert, 18 Apr. 1895, p. 7

JAMESTOWN. Strong & Chase, Doolittle bloack. "The Barr cash railway connects with all departments." Jamestown Weekly Alert, 3 Apr. 1890, p. 1

LINTON. J.C.Penney. "The J C Penny Store in Linton, North Dakota had these that went up to a cashier in the balcony of the store and then back to the sales desk." John Van Vugt in posting to Facebook

MINOT. Martin Jacobson has installed a new cash carrier system in his hardware store. Minot Optic, 26 Aug. 1904

MINOT. McCoy (dept. store). Paul V. McCoy ... will soon install a cash carrier system." Ward County Independent, 28 Dec. 1911, p. 5


starVALLEY CITY. Barnes County Historical Society, 315 Central Avenue N. Air Line system. A few missing parts have been remanufactured.Wes Anderson. Photos


star indicates systems which are still there (as far as I know) though they may not be working.