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Locations - Maryland

ANNAPOLIS. Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Main Street. "A new system of cash trolley connection between the main store and the office, which will be a great improvement over the old method of paying the cashier." Evening Capital (Annapolis) 23 Sep. 1911, p. 1

BALTIMORE. Hochchild, Kohn and Co. "Hochchild, Kohn amd Co., Baltimore, displaced cable carriers." (Advertisement for National Cash Register Co.) Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, 3 Nov. 1911, p. 20

BALTIMORE. Hutzler Bros., Howard Street. "Special attention is called to the unusual rapidity with which we can serve customers, for while the saleslady is wrapping the goods, the money is sent to cashier by our cable cash system." Baltimore American, 8 Dec. 1889, p.7

BALTIMORE. Oehm's Acme Store, 5-7 West Baltimore Street. "Of interest to visitors - our Electric Cash Cable System and Electric Lighting." Star and Sentinel (Gettysburg), 7 May 1889, p.1

BALTIMORE. Posner Bros. "Among the heaviest users [of Lamson carriers] are .. Posner Brothers, Baltimore. Lowell Courier, ? Oct 1883

CUMBERLAND. Rosenbaum department store. Pneumatic tube system. Cumberland Times-News, 2 Nov 2001

EASTON. McCrorys. Cash carrier. Merritt George in posting to Facebook

FREDERICK. Doll Brothers (dry goods) North Market Street. "Notable changes in Doll Brothers' store... The most noticeable improvement, and at the same time an expensive one, is the introduction of the Lamson cash railway system - the only cash railway system employed in Frederick. Five handsome bronze money carriers are conveniently located about the various departments, and when a sale is made in any part of the store the money is sent by automatic means to the cash register's office, which is elevated in the rear of the room." Frederick News, 26 Mar. 1897, p.3

FREDERICK. Hendricksons, 44 N Market Street.. Hendrickson's was a staple of downtown commerce for Frederick, Maryland, for many years. Opened in the early 1900s, the 3-floor department store remained a mainstay of Frederick shopping life... The construction of the Frederick Town Mall .. in the early 1970s .. ultimately led to the closing of Hendrickson's... I loved the little tubes that would whoosh the money in tubes up to the second floor cashier. Place and Memory Project

FREDERICK. Carl Jacobson (small dept. store) South Market Street, near Baltimore and Ohio station. "A cash carrier system is installed throughout the store, and there is an office in the rear where a cashier will be seated. There are now six persons employed in the store." Was formerly Albert Gilson's property and Jacobson was nearly opposite. The News (Frederick) 20 Feb. 1914, p.2

POCOMOKE CITY. T.F.Hargis. "The T.F. Hargis Department store, Pocomoke City, Md., Worcester county's largest dry goods and furniture emporium .. has just made two notable additions to their equipment... The Lamson Cash Carrier System, the installation of which was completed last week, with ten stations on the first floor, and one each on the second and third floor, automatically and speedily centralizes all cash receipts of each employee, and just as speedily returns from the cashier's ofice to the appropriate station the customer's change and record of sales, thus rendering it possible for the clerk to give undivided attention to the customer." Peninsula Enterprise, 21 Feb. 1920, p.8

WESTMINSTER. George W. Albaugh is about to introduce into his store Lamson's ball cash carrier system. It will be completed in two weeks. Democratic Advocate, 19 Apr. 1884, p. 3

WESTMINSTER. T.W. Mather & Sons. "Having installed a Lampson [sic] Air Line Carrier System we have no use for these four Cash Registers formerly used in this store. Democratic Advocate (Westminster), 3 Apr. 1914, p. 5