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AKRON. Silverberg Bros. "A cash money clip [sic], donated by Lyle Ostermeyer to the Akron Area Museum, .. has ties to the Akron business community... Cash money clips were installed in the Silverberg Bros. Co. general store which was located in the first floor of the Akron Opera House. It was a pully system and somehow they pulled down on one end of it which sent the caeeier box to the cashier's box, which was high up in the back of the store... Abe Silverberg.. opened the general store in Akron in Aug. 15, 1919. Akron Hometower website. [Photograph looks like an Air-Line car.]

AMES. Tilden's. "Interior of Tilden's store showing 'rapid wire cash carrier' system from main floor sales area to cashier in balcony." Ames History Newsletter, Jun. 2008, p. 6

BURLINGTON. Schramm (dept. store) Lamson pneumatic tube system. Terminal offered on eBay, 27/5/09.
"I remember when a Burlington store Schramms had these [pneumatic tubes] when I was a kid/teen!" Jeanne Stone Long in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

BUXTON. Monroe Mercantile Co. "A pneumatic tube cash system will soon take the place of our present carrier." Oskaloosa Herald, 10 May 1906, p. 8
"Every department has several pneumatic tube cash stations." Ibid. 14 Feb. 1907, p. 7

CEDAR FALLS. Wilson & Williams, Main Street. "Messrs Wilson and Williams have put in the elevated cash railway in their store. It is the same that is used in the stores in big cities and dispenses with cash boys in making change." Waterloo Courier, 27 Dec. 1882, p.5. Photograph of exterior in Brian C.Collins. Cedar Falls, Iowa (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 1998) p.19.

CHARTER OAK. The Farmers Store. "Money trolley carrier." Obituary of Leona Pautsch

CLINTON. John D. van Allen, Fifth Avenue and Second Street. "Here, too, is the motor automatically operating the pneumatic tube cash carrier system, the carrier traveling at the rate of 40 feet a second between the various departments and the cashier’s office in the basement. The motor operates at variable speeds, so arranged as to use the minimum amount of electrical current for operating the system always at the same speed. As more carriers are fed into the tube, the motor is accelerated, the power necessary ranging from 1.3 horse-power to 8 horse-power." Clinton Herald, 29 Sep. 1914, p. 4

CORRECTIONVILLE. O.A.Cate. "O.A.Cate has once more added to the conveniences by which his clerks are enabled to expeditiously handle his business. A cash railway with four stations has been instaled and now instead of dodging around the ends of counters and through crowds of people to carry your money to the cashier and get your change the clerk puts your bill and his bill into a little silver plated cylinder, pulls a doings [?] and it shoots along overhead to the fair damsel by the cash register who changes your bill and replaces the clerk's bill." Sioux Valley News, 13 Dec. 1900, p.1

COUNCIL BLUFFS. Beno's (dept. store). Cable system. Carrier offered for sale on Stamped "2" and "Made by The Lamson Co. U.S.A."
"Everyone seems to remember the Lamson cash system which carried receipts and money to the balcony so change could be given. I spent one summer working in the balcony catching the 'cups'. Beno's opened in 1866 and closed in 1987 after a few years in Midlands Mall. The building at Pearl and Broadway was razed in 1989." C.E.Beno posting to IAPOTTAW-L list, 17 Jul. 2000.

COUNCIL BLUFFS. Eiseman, Rodda & Co.. "The dry goods house of Eiseman, Rodda & Co., will be greatly improved as soon as the summer dull season comes on... Yesterday [they] were contracting for Lamson's cash railway." Omaha Daily Bee, 3 Jul. 1885, p.6

DAVENPORT. Harned, Pursel and Von Maur (dry goods), Brady/Second Street. "The latest improvement .. is the Lamson automatic cash railway system, the most modern and convenient of all the different systems and the only one in Davenport." Rock Island Daily Argus, 21 Aug. 1887, p. 3

DAVENPORT. Harned & Von Maur (Boston Store) , Harrison/Second Streets. "One of the features of interest to visitors will be the Pneumatic Cash Carrier, the first one placed in an Iowa store... Its utility and rapidity makes it the best system in the world. We send cash boxes from the third floor to the office in the basement and receive the change in a few seconds. Compressed air is the motive power." Rock Island Argus, 5 May 1899, p. 8
"The fittings of the store are most modern and attractive, including a pneumatic cash system and every convenience and facility for the conduct of a first-class department store." Opened 1899. Harry E. Downer. History of Davenport and Scott County Vol. II. Chicago:Clarke, 1910

DEFIANCE. F.A.B.Lowe, corner of Clinton and Second Streets. "On Saturday F.A.B.Lowe had a Lamson cash railway apparatus placed in his dry goods store. It is a novel invention and like the telephone, it is rented and not sold... It consists of two lightly constructed tram-ways... Each station has a different sized ball, the largest being at the fatherest end of the tram-way... The introduction of this system saves a great deal of travel in a day in going to and from the cash desk and will prove a soft thing for the clerks who can sit and leisurely pick their teeth or entertain a young lady customer while this novel little railroad is making change." Defiance Democrat, 21 Feb. 1884, p.3

DES MOINES. Harris-Emery. See Court cases

DES MOINES. New Utica. "The New Utica department store downtown had pneumatic tubes rising from each cash register. The cash from your purchase was placed in a cylinder, then inserted in the tubes and noisily fired - like a torpedo - to a central collection point, such was the urgency to get the money counted and back into the economy. A visit to the New Utica was like a trip to a future century." Bill Bryson. Neither here nor there. London: Black Swan, 1991, p.343

EPWORTH. Silkers. "Silker's sold groceries and dry goods and there were overhead cables on whih little boxes with bills and change flew to and from the cashier." Ann E. Berthoff: Too late for the frontier: a family chronicle (Philadelphia?:Xlibris, 2004) p.144

FAIRFIELD. J.C.Penney. Wire system. Journal-Standard (Freeport, IL) 12/10/08

KEOKUK. Bode-Larson Shoe Co. "Air Line Cash Carriers for sale, go[o]d as new." Daily Gate City (Keokuk), 16 Aug. 1909, p. 3

LEON. Bradley-Wasson Mercantile Co. "The big Bradley-Wasson Mercantile Co. store ... are this week installing a five station Baldwin Flyer carrier system, the same system used in the big city stores... Miss Amy Benefiel will have charge of the cashier's desk." Leon Reporter, 22 Jul. 1909, p. 5

MANNING. Manning Mercantile Company. September 16, 1898 the Lawrence Block was completed and this and the south half of Union Block was occupied by the Manning Mercantile Company... Among their modern improvements are: a cash carrier system. Manning website

MANNING. Rober-Wehrmann Co. (dept. store). "A money exchange system ran from the central cashier's office, by means of overhead conveyance wires that carried tubes containing the change or receipts to the various customer stations." Built in 1917. Company went out of business in Feb. 1939. Manning Centenial Book p. 166

MARSHALLTOWN. The Fair. "The big department store in this city known as The Fair put into operation Saturday night a new Air Line parcels and cash carrier system which equips the store as completely as any of the great stores of the cities." Evening Times (Marshalltown), 26 Nov. 1900, p. 7

MARSHALLTOWN. Orlando Baxter. "For Sale - Barr cash carrier system. Can be used as a three or six ststiom. Cost new $135. Will sell for $42." Evening Times - Republican (Marshalltown). 6 Nov. 1914, p. 7

MARSHALLTOWN. J.C.Penneys. "My grandmother got to keep them [pneumatic tube carriers] when they moved the J C Penney store to the mall." Description on eBay, 24/7/06

MUSCATINE. J.C.Penneys. Cash carrier. Penny Tilley on Facebook

OSAGE. Daylight Store, Main Street. Now Terri Lynns (antiques). "Four money chutes.. that went from the main floor up to the office." Replaced by cash registers in 1953. Mitchell County Press - News Online, 18 Jul. 2006

OSKALOOSA. "Mitch Wilson has lately put a cash railway in his dry goods emporium that greatly facilitates the matter of making change." Oskaloosa Herald, 6 Mar. 1890, p. 5

SIOUX CITY. "J.C. Pennies in Sioux city Iowa had one [pneumatic tube system]." Mary Wilson in posting to Historic Photographs on Facebook

WATERLOO. Hannasch Shoe Co. "For sale - shoe store equipment, cash carrier system". Waterloo Daily Courier, 14 Aug. 1930, p.19

WAVERLY. Penney's (clothing store), 1123 East Bremer Avenue. Opened September 1913. "Lamson Electric Continuous Cash Carriers were installed when the building was new." Waverley Area Development Group website

WINNEBEGO. Harrington's Emporium. "Papa is also a trader, only he owns the Emporium, which has electric lights and a cash trolley that runs up and down and along the ceiling to and from the cashier up on a balcony." Julia Harrington. Winnebago, Iowa, 1913 (Boston: Little, Brown, 1969), p. 19