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Locations - Arizona

DOUGLAS. Levys Red Star store. "The Lamson cash basket system can be seen on overhanging wires in the Levy's Red Star Store, Douglas, Arizona, in about 1908." Caption in Hendrickson, p.50. There are two wires to each station.

FLAGSTAFF. Babbit Brothers. The new offices of Babbitt Bros.. are about completed... The cable cash carrier system .. will make this one of the most complete department stores in the territory." Williams News, 23 Jul. 1906, p. 4

GLOBE. W.W.Brookner. "W.W.Brookner & Co., one of Globe's progressive mercantile firms, .. have recently put in a cash carrier system of the latest pattern." Arizona Silver Belt, 8 Feb. 1900, p.8

KINGMAN. Nickell & Co. "The recent improvements at Nickell and company's dry goods store places that establishment on a plane with the very best of stores in towns many times the size of Kingman... An up-to-date six basket parcel and cash carrier system has been installed." Mohane County Miner, 14 Oct. 1916, p.1

MORENCI. Detroit Copper Company. "The store of the Detroit Copper Company was erected in 1900, and is 75x150 feet in ground dimensions. There are four stories... The Lamson electric endless cable system of cash carriers has been adopted throughout." Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona (Chapman Publishing)

PHOENIX. Goldwaters, Security Trust building / Noble block. "The store is equipped with the Lamson cash carrier device, the best obtainable." Arizona Republican, 7 Dec. 1909, p. 7
• Pneumatic tube system. Goldwaters moved to Phoenix in 1895. See Reminiscences

PHOENIX. New York store. "The New York store is already in the process of expansion... The balcony is to be devoted mainly to offices and a cashier's desk from which will run to all parts of the store an air line cash and package system." Arizona Republican, 18 Oct. 1903, p. 8

PRESCOTT. Bashford-Burminster. "This company also installed a new system of cash service which is known as the Perfection cable cash carrier, purchased from the Lamson Consolidated Store Service company." Arizona Republican, 19 Aug. 1906, p. 4

TOOMBSTONE. Cananea. "The pneumatic tube system between the Chivarera branch and the main store of the Cananea stores has been completed and will hereafter be used in transmission of messages between these two stores." Toombstone Epitaph, 29 Jan. 1911

TUSCON. Levy's. Pneumatic system with magnetic separator. Lamson advertisement in Chain Store Age, June 1949