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Gipe also made parcel carriers, as this advertisement in Dry Goods Review, 1910 shows:

"Greater Facility and Less Expense in Parcelling Goods
Have You Ever Figured Out What It Costs You to Tie Up Parcels?
The cost of paper and twine is by no means the largest item. Think of the time spent by expensive sales-people in tying parcels while other customers are waiting to be served. That is selling time wasted. And think of the amount of goods pilfered every year by dishonest customers while the clerks' backs are turned! You will find it far more profitable to centralize your parcelling by installing the
Place a boy or two somewhere in the store where space is least valuable and have all the selling counters served from this central point by Gipe Package Carriers. The immediate and permanent result will be : Elimination of all confusion behind the counter ; getting the right parcel in the hands of the right customer ; an immediate saving in sales clerks' time ; no customers kept waiting to be served; no encouragement to dishonest customers ; less waste of paper and twine ; a reduction in the number of clerks required. Don't pass this ad. without commencing to thoroughly investigate the Gipe System. Remember — Labor-Saving System means Greater Profits! WRITE US NOW FOR OUR CATALOG " D.G." The GIPE CARRIER CO., 99 Ontario Street, Toronto, Ont."


Another advertisement refers to operation by surprisingly young sales staff:

"The Gipe Package and Cash Carrier
This type of Carrier originated and controlled by us. We have finally succeeded in producing a simple and effective wire Carrier to serve any location on second floor, no matter where cashier may be located on ground floor, No cords or rubbers used on this Carrier. With our Loop the Loop, Basement Loop, Curve and Straight Line Carriers, we can meet almost any condition met by pneumatic tubes or cable carriers. This is undoubtedly the most perfect package and cash carrier ever built. A basket containing twenty pounds of merchandise can be propelled a distance of one hundred and fifty feet by a ten year old girl with ease. All repairs for Gipe carriers are furnished free for five years. (Cord used on lifts and package carriers only excepted.) The carriers shown here are only a few of the big Gipe line. Other Gipe carriers and appliances are made to cover practically every need that may arise in any store. No matter what may be demanded by conditions a Gipe carrier is made that will do the work silently, quickly and more efficiently than any other similar device. Send for our Complete 20 Page Catalog — It is a guide book to better profits and will interest you. GIPE STORE SERVICE CO. , Medinah Bldg., CHICAGO. 5 to 9 W. 37th St., NEW YORK." Merchants Record and Show Window.




Gipe Store Service

Every merchant knows about cash and package carriers and the revolution in store keeping methods that has been accomplished through their use, but we seldom hear the name of the inventor of these devices that have proved such a practical help to the retailer. Among those whose inventive genius has helped to perfect store carriers E. C. Gipe has played an important part. He has been in the business of inventing and manufacturing carriers and allied appliances for twenty-three years, and during that time has been an influential factor in this important field of industry. During the past ten years Mr. Gipe's inventions have attracted much notice in Europe and Canada but have been little heard of in the United States owing to the fact that Mr. Gipe has been under bond not to engage in the carrier business in this country for a period of ten years. That time has now expired and the merchants of the United States will be interested to learn that the Gipe Store Service Company, with headquarters in Chicago, has entered the carrier field and that Mr. Gipe's latest inventions are now available to the merchants of the United States. Mr. Gipe's first carrier was called the Standard and was placed on the market many years ago. Judged by the standards of that time it was a satisfactory and efficient device, but as merchandising methods progressed improvements in carrier service advanced and Mr. Gipe placed another invention on the market. This was in 1898.

The new Gipe system of carriers is remarkably complete in the variety of store conditions it has been designed to cover. There are carriers for every angle between level lines and the steepest grades. There are also carriers that run vertically from one floor to another as well as around curves. In a brief notice of this kind it would be impossible to give any adequate idea of what can be accomplished through the use of the various devices included in the Gipe line. It is enough to say that they will prove a wonderful help to the merchant who requires a safe, quick and quiet means of transmitting cash or packages from one part of the store to another, and there will be found extremely few types of store construction in which one form or another of Gipe carrier cannot deliver the goods with entire satisfaction. The carrier shown in the illustation is called the "New Gipe Adjustable Curve." It can be used with either grade or level line carrier and works equally well for right angle or slight curve, no matter how rapidly the car is sent. It is as durable as the straight line and is handsomely finished in oxydized copper plate. A handsome and comprehensive catalogue covering the entire line is issued and will be sent in response to a request addressed to the Gipe Store Service Company, Medinah Building, Chicago. It is a book that will prove of interest to every merchant.

[Mr Gipe] brought out the Air Line cash and package carrier that is now well known throughout America. The extensive sales of the Air Line carriers proved their merits convincingly. Mr. Gipe disposed of his Air Line patents in 1903, at which time he agreed not to re-enter the carrier business in the United States for ten years. However, he located in Toronto, Canada and proceeded to work out some advanced ideas in the matter of carrier service. Considering the many handsome new stores being built and the general betterment in store equipment, the inventor determined that the carrier system of the future must combine handsome appearance with the greatest possible efficiency, ease of operation and durability. With the view of embodying these and other desirable qualities in a carrier, Mr. Gipe proceeded upon the development of an entirely new type designed to meet the requirements of the most modern merchandising ideas. In the opinion of the inventor, such a line of carriers is represented in the various products of the Gipe Store Service Company, and this view has been verified wherever the carriers have been installed. They are now in use in large numbers throughout England and other European countries as well as in Canada. Possibly the most convincing test for Gipe carriers lay in the way many of them were placed in stores. Mr. Gipe had so much confidence in his latest inventions that he decided to insert a clause in his order blanks making it optional with the merchant to keep or return the carriers after a trial of ten days. Many carriers were sold on these terms and none returned. At the present time all Gipe carriers are sold with the written agreement that if in the opinion of the merchant they do not give quicker, better and more economical store service than any other system, they will be removed without any expense to the merchant, providing a written request to that effect is given within ten days from the date of erection. Another evidence of Mr. Gipe's confidence in his new carrier system is that he agrees to furnish free for five years all repairs that may be necessary. The only item not included in this liberal guarantee is the pull rope, which was omitted for obvious reasons.