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The decline of cash carriers


This is to assemble prelimnary ideas and is still a "work in progress".

1. The move from moving physical objects (coins, notes, paper documents) to moving data - which can be done through ethernet or even wifi.

2. The trend to self-service with tills only at the exit.

3. Saving time (customers' and staff). Shopping is something to get over with as soon as possible - no friendly conversations with the staff/ salespersons trying to make a better or bigger sale.

4. Paying by card/electronically.

5. Customers no longer buying on account (with the shop) so no need for credit checking in a central office.

6. Less intrusive in the apearance of the shop - more flexibility. Ball and wire systems have difficulties going up/downstairs.

7. Less reliance on equipment with moving parts.

8. ?Safety - cars/balls coming off and objects being sucked into tubes.

9. Customer can see where his/her money goes.

10. Electronic system gives more sales data - what was bought, who bought it (if loyalty scheme), when and can be collated automatically - linked to stock system.


Still used for conveying cash in bulk to secure office - old pneumetic systems and new systems to empty tills. (But Croydon incident!)