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Cable systems - illustrations

Lamson "Preferred" Cable Cash Box (The story of a service idea, p.16). The account of the theft at Yegen Bros. refers to the "improved" cash carrier - I don't know how this relates to the "prefered"!

A "Perfection" Cable cash box. Presumably no further development was then possible! It was rectangular in shape and the internal dimensions were 1.94 X 3.19 X 1 inches. Lamson brochure J-2, ca. 1912

Sending a carrier in the low-level horizontal cable station (Story of a service idea, p.20) There is an almost identical illustration in Brochure J-2 where it is described as a "Perfection Cable" system.

Vertical cash desk station with boxes arriving and departing.

Automatic cashiers' desk for a cable system, similar to that available for pneumatic tube systems. Credit World, vol. 10, no. 2, 1922, p. 249

Cashiers in the Elliott Taylor Woolfenden store, Detroit MI. Dry Goods Economist, 9 Apr. 1921. p. 68

Cable cash box from advertisement in Dry Goods Reporter, 3 June 1905, p. 60. This looks like the Perfection type.

Cable system at Disneyland Paris
Byron's photograph
was the inspiration for the reconstruction at Disneyland Paris. The glass box is no doubt to keep out little fingers!

Cable system at Joyner's, Moose Jaw


Cable system at Joyner's, Moose Jaw, Canada before the fire. Photo credit: Joan Miller

Photograph of an electric motor said to have been used for a cash carrier system. The motor weighs 66 lbs. It has 4 hard rubber feet under its base: this motor was never intended to be bolted in place. It stands 10" tall, 13" long, and the base is 11" wide. (Russ Huber private collection)