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The Boston Stock Exchange
by Clarence W. Barron and Joseph G. Martin
(Boston: Hunt & Bell, 1893)

[p.1] In no field of invention during the past decade has there been more activity in proportion to the interests involved, than in the invention of store service apparatus. Fifteen years ago a mechanical device for rapid and accurate transmission of cash and parcels in stores was unknown; to-day a system for this purpose has become as useful and as necessary in a well-regulated and prosperous store as is the telephone or any of the more recent inventions of the age. The means which have accomplished this end have been essentially dependent upon, and are, in fact, a part of, the organization known in the business world as the Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company.

[p.2] The first comapny to establish the business of cash and parcel carrying systems in stores was the Lamson Cash Carrier Company, organized in 1881. The first invention was an inclined track along which the balls rolled to the cashier. This device was soon improved - notably by the addition of graduated switches and balls of varying size - and in its perfected form was immediately adopted by many of the leading merchants, who quickly demonstrated the practical value of a store service apparatus, and thereby was laid the foundation for the immense business now enjoyed by the Lamson Company.

In the progress of so useful an art many other inventions have been made, or acquired by purchase from skilled inventors, by this company, until at this date many different systems are owned by them, and leased or sold to merchants. The manifest advantages of a mechanical device for the rapid transportation of cash and parcels, or messages, from the clerk to either the cashier's or wrapping desks, or other departments, are fully recognized by every merchant who has a business of sufficient magnitude to admit of his employing a cashier. Over five thousand firms have already been served with Lamson devices, whch are installed on either rental or sale basis.

The Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company is the owner of all the original and fundamental cash and parcel carrying patents (over three hundred in number), covering all manner of devices for the conveying of cash and parcels in stores, prominent among which are the Lamson Ball and Cash Carrier, the Electric Cable Cash Carrier, the Rapid Spring Cash Carrier, the Pneumatic Carrier for Banks and Offices, the Library Book Railway, besides many double and single wire carriers.

Offices are to be found in the principal cities of this country.

Its officers are: Hon. Frank M. Ames, President; Hon. Albert C. Titcomb, Treasurer; Mr. Arthur S. Temple, Manager; and Mr. Frederick A. Spear, General Agent.