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British Cash and Parcel Conveyor Co.

A rival of Lamson in the UK at the beginning of the 20th century and involved in a court case that is famous for the definitions of champetery and maintenance. Later it became wholly owned by Lamson but retained a separate address at 180 Goswell Road, London EC.

The name "Rebesi" features on their products. I don't know if this relates to the company Rebesi Ltd., formed in 1913 and operating from City Road, London.

The Wiltshire Times, 15 Apr. 1905, p. 3 reported that the British Cash and Parcel Conveyor Company were installing their "improved Meteor Cash Railway System" at the Bristol Drapery Establishment in Trowbridge, so it seems there may be a connection with the Meteor Despatch Co. of Boston, Mass.

Rebesi hand-operated terminal

Hand operated sales terminal from a BCPC 'Rebesi' system. (Advertisement in The Draper and Drapery Times, 18 July 1931, p.iii)

Rebesi terminal


Power sales terminal (from the same advertisement)