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I am grateful to the staff of museums and shops and collectors who have provided information or photographs or have allowed me to take photographs and especially to the following:

Mr Robin Adcroft of Cheltenham
Mr Wes Anderson of Valley City, ND
Mrs Myrtle Anderson-Smith of Aberdeen
Mr Chris Baker of Dartford Museum
Mr Douglas Beeth of Burnie, Tasmania
Mrs Maria Bennett of Redmond, VA
Ms Kathryn Brothers of Penn Yan, NY
Mrs Sally Buxton of Lewes
Mrs Helen Boynton of Leicester
Ms Dorothy Carlyon and Ms Jacki Winstanley of Beamish Museum
Mr Carter and colleagues of Jacksons, Reading
Mr Ross Cole of The Famous, Cheltenham
Mr Gene Davidson of Berea, OH
Mr Joe Flannery of Weaver's, Lawrence, KS
Mr Paul Hadley of Kettering
Mary Hider and Jane May of Leicester City Museums Service
Mr R.A.W. Hollingworth of Lamson Engineering, Stoke on Trent
Mr David Holt of Manchester
Mr Alan Hopkinson of Bedford
Ms Claire Jarmain of Bonhams, London SW7
Mr Alex Joyce of Nashville, TN
Mr Don Kasbohm of Grass Lake, MI
Mr Gordon Kneale Brooke of Camblesforth, N. Yorks.
Ms Anne Knight and colleagues, Royal Institution of Cornwall Library, Truro
Christy and Brant Lane
Ms Liz Lawton of Coolamon Shire Council, NSW
Dr Lindsay Lennie of Historic Scotland
Mr John Liffen of the Science Museum, London
Mr Fred Lupton of Saline, MI
Mr Rob Macfarlane of James Stewart & Co. Pty., Qld.
Ms Jackie Maher of Arding & Hobbs, London
Mr Eric Miller of Freeport, IL
Mr Harlan Miller of Lawrence, KS
Mr Rod Moore MBE of the Cumberland Toy and Model Museum
Ms Kathryn Morrison of English Heritage
Miss Biddie Mutter of Lewes
M. Pierre Péron of Ottawa
Mrs Molly Proctor of Maidstone
Mr Vivian Rush of Netley, SA, Australia
Mr Norman Shaw of Shaw's, Ireland
Mr Stuart Skinner of Sands', Kinross
Mr Eddie Sotto of Progress City, formerly Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering
Mr Jonty Stern of London
Mr Matt
Mr Sam Walker of Walker & Ling, Weston-super-Mare
Mrs Elizabeth Young of McAree Brothers Ltd, Stirling