Locations - Suffolk

W.D. Coe Ltd., Ipswich

Coes have three different types of pneumatic tube equipment and a cash lift. All were in regular use for making change on my visit in October 2010. In the accounts office there are two Pneu Art terminals, two Paper Link terminals, a plastic tube to the second floor (evening and hire wear), three modern two-way terminals, and a cash lift.

Coes store at 20-28 Norwich Road, Ipswich. The red brick building on the right is the "new store".

A terminal on the first floor which is probably a successor to the Pneu Art but with modern plastic carriers of larger diameter. This connects with the "Paper Link" terminal in the accounts office

The blower in the basement showing the electric motor

Another view of the blower

The cash lift near the stairs on the first floor. The carrier is the same as a pneumatic tube carrier.

The bottom of the cash lift in the accounts office

A modern DD Lamson terminal in the "new store" . This does not use the blower in the basement. Power is only applied when the carrier is being despatched.

A receipt as used in the cash carrier systems.